10 interesting facts about the country of elves in Iceland

Iceland is a country which every year fall into the ratings of "the happiest countries in the world." Why is this so? The site offers dozens of facts that will help us better understand Iceland and Icelanders!

Public nudity h2> In Iceland, there are plenty of refreshing hot springs. If you visit this country, it is very likely that also visit at least one of them. In most countries, before diving into the pool water, it is necessary to take a shower - and Iceland is no exception. However, you must remove the shower before bathing suit and carefully wash naked in a public place - unfortunately, in many of these showers do not have doors to hide you from the outside world.

Many may find this shocking, but in Iceland it is just a matter of hygiene. Eventually, not too easily become completely clean in any clothing. Of course, in other public nudity is illegal as well as in most countries, so you can not just undress and go for a walk along the street.

Elves h2> Most Icelanders believe in elves. These elves usually live in rocky areas, have magical powers and become a source of trouble if someone tries to invade their home - there were cases when the bulldozers and more glohli not start in the alleged habitat elves. And in Iceland, this faith is so important that in such a case, the builders are invited to special people who need to persuade the Elves to leave the house.

Skira h2> Milk product Skira - one of the most popular foods in Iceland, it regularly eat as a snack. However, despite its popularity in the country, outside of Iceland, it is almost unknown.

According to many people, Skira similar to yogurt, but is actually a kind of soft cheese. Skira is appreciated for a large amount of protein and little fat. Although the internet has recipes for its preparation in the home, they reason, the main ingredient is ... Skira. That is to cook Skira, you need Skira. Of course, there are alternatives, but the result will be different.

Yolasveynary h2> Most countries noted something similar for Christmas, but each country usually makes it a little differently. Iceland is no exception to this rule: instead of Santa Claus in Iceland has yolasveynary. These strange guys have an interesting story - they are descended from trolls, before parents frightened their naughty little children.

However, in the 1700s, a decree was issued forbidding parents to do so with their children, so that yolasveynary eventually become an integral part of Icelandic Christmas traditions. They have cute names like "turkey from Skira", "spying into windows" or "Oblizyvatel mugs", and each of them has an individual character.

Midnight Golf h2> in during June and July Icelanders can enjoy the beautiful sunlight 24 hours a day. You can come up with for such a long days thousands of different occupations, but many Icelanders use them to play plenty of golf. Although the weather can sometimes be cold and rainy, the most active players this does not stop - they go on the field.

Those who have played golf in Iceland during the midnight sun, described the experience as surreal and sublime. And while on the way to the field of golfers are unlikely to meet a lot of trees, they have other problems - lava cavern or angry birds, whose nests they accidentally disturbed.

Handball h2> Handball - national sport in Iceland. When the President of Iceland made a statement to the press after a recent victory at the Olympic Games, he explained how important the sport in his country. Every Icelander knows the names of the players of the national team and its success is very important for all.

Handball is not very popular in most of Europe, but, as a rule, like the Scandinavian countries. Handball can be described as a kind of football, but players use feet instead of his hands. In fact, it is incredibly fast-paced and brutal game in which the rules where harder than in football.

Cod Wars h2> Since 1950, Iceland is often at odds with the UK because of the fact that the British go fishing in their waters. Iceland's fishing industry is very important and serves as a primary source of food. So perhaps it is not surprising that in 1958 began "Cod Wars" when Iceland decided that the areas around their need to increase the exclusion zone - water areas in which other countries have no right to fish.

Of course, the British government responded by sending its own fleet to protect the fishermen. People literally shooting at each other and rammed the boat. In the end, the conflict was solved through diplomacy, and the British retreated. This scenario was repeated twice more, and eventually Iceland increased its exclusion zone 6, 5 km to 320 km away.

Volcanic Energy h2> Iceland fully active volcanoes. While some countries may be afraid to live in the center of the ring of fire, nature of Iceland grabbed by the throat, and learned to use it to their advantage. Approximately 85% of the energy in Iceland is produced from renewable resources, more than half of energy - geothermal.

Before Iceland began to receive electricity using natural geothermal energy used to heat water. Now, thanks to this in Iceland has more 150 public swimming pools with hot water - the water temperature is ensured by this volcanic heat.

The laws on combating long * Fargo h2> Iceland is known for its liberal on issues Ying * imnogo character, so for foreigners may be a surprise that the government voted to ban strip clubs. But that did not stop: recently considered the issue of banning online pornography. Some may think that this view is old and dusty, but Icelanders are finding it quite progressive.

Icelanders take such laws are not due to the puritanical attitude toward sex, and of feminism. Approximately half of the positions in government are now held by women - it's probably one of the most feminist countries.

brännvin h2> Above all, Iceland is known, perhaps because of their strange eating habits.

Deadlocks - a charming little bird with black and white feathers, and small beaks. The people of Iceland traditionally uses them for food - raw heart of the impasse is considered a delicacy.

Drinks - is no exception. Besides the fact that Icelanders consume Coca-Cola more than anywhere else in the world, they have their own drink - brännvin. This drink is a kind potato schnapps distilled with the addition of cumin. Taste had a really lousy.

Brännvin often washed down with a traditional Icelandic dish hákarl representing the rotten shark meat. Perhaps the reason is that brännvin may seem tasty only after you eat a piece of surprising dishes. Many Icelanders drink brännvin only when visiting the country to highlight their Icelandic roots.

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