Interesting facts about Iceland

Did you know that Iceland is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world? The average density of its population is 3 persons per square kilometer. It is for this reason, when a pair of parting are always trying to maintain friendly relations, as they have in any case, most friends and acquaintances are common. Under the cut you'll find a selection of other interesting facts about the mysterious Iceland.

Icelanders - centenarians. Life expectancy for women - 81 years for men - 76 years. By the age of 100-110 years, you are not particularly surprise anyone.

Icelanders - active users of the Internet and almost all countries registered on Facebook. And they have a national website Íslendingabók, where you can precisely track your family tree and find out how you come a distant relative of Bjork.

It argued that Bjork translated from Icelandic means "birch", but this is not true. Sometimes Bjork - Bjork is just.

In Iceland, many believe in trolls that live outside the Internet. Even paving the new highway, the designers always consult with experts on folklore to inadvertently affect habitats trolls.

Icelandic National clothes - wool sweaters. Wool local sheep unprecedentedly warm and soft, so it annually exports in quantities not typical for any other hair in the world.

Favorite dish of tourists in Iceland - Hakarl little rotten shark meat. The taste of his terrible, but there is a fresh shark is not recommended because in this way it gives the meat and toxic ammonia. Yet here eating sheep thigh in lactic acid.

In Iceland it is forbidden to bring horses, and no one knows why. If the horse was taken from the island, then back to her, too, you can not go back.

When parting couple in Iceland are trying to remain friends, because all too many mutual friends and acquaintances. In no other country in the world that does not work.

According to unconfirmed reports, for each resident of Iceland, including infants, accounting for 2, 5 cars. I do not want to check, I'm afraid that's true.

Iceland has no army, that is all. There is only the Coast Guard and the police, which did not issue firearms. And if it was the army, then she would not have issued a weapon.

Hot and cold water enters the Icelandic cranes directly from springs and geysers, which are thousands. It is so clear that it requires no filtration, but sometimes gives hydrogen sulfide - the only catch in this country.

The population density of Iceland - 3 persons per square kilometer. Perhaps this is a matter of time, because the island inhabited by one of the last in the world - in the 9th century BC. e.

Icelanders have no names, but only a middle name ending in "sleep." The name for the unborn child is necessary to choose from the register the names. If you come up with new, it must first be agreed with the authorities and to the registry.

Iceland for many years among the ten countries with the highest standard of living. The fourth is named President Vigdis Finnbogadóttir, and it is ... the first woman president, and not only in Iceland, but also throughout the world. The last two facts are not related - at least to me it is not known. And you?



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