Iceland - the country of geysers

Iceland many consider the most beautiful country in the world. This island is located in the Atlantic Ocean near the Arctic Circle. This stunningly beautiful country, despite the fact that the nature of these places is quite ascetic. Iceland - a place of volcanoes, glaciers, hot springs and geysers.

In the territory of that State prevailing sea subarctic climate, mitigating the impact of the Gulf Stream. It was the warm waters of the Gulf Stream allow air to warm up and do the climate is more soft and warm.

Icelandic landscape truly unique. Long ago, three-quarters of the island was covered with dense forests, and now the fox take just one hundredth of a square. More blame early settlers who burned the forest when their fields of crops grew poorly. So, over time, the island of "bald" and there was a serious problem called erosion.

But of particular interest is still in the country causing geysers ... about B100 km. the capital of Iceland is a whole valley of geysers, which is called "Haukadalur" about it for a long time rumor goes around the planet. This valley attracts hundreds of tourists. Only on the way to this miracle pilgrim sees an amazing sight - pairs, creeping along the ground, then escaping upward.

The most popular geyser in Iceland is considered the "Big Geyser." More ancient inhabitants worshiped him, calling him "Geysir". That is why all these phenomena are called geysers.

Alas, to this day, this geyser has not retained its former power, now it "breath" is not as frequent and rapid. However, another geyser called "Strokkur" breathes much more intense and more frequent. Thus, vysotu30 metrovon throws column of hot water and steam, making it every 2-5 minutes. Today Strokkur is very popular than Geysir.

But you should not get the impression that these are the only two giant geysers, no, in the valley of many geysers. Some discarded hot water to a small height, and only the other water spray. In Iceland, there are places where you can go to swim in the hot springs.

It is worth noting that more time that geysers of Iceland are not only aesthetic flavor, but also more natural wealth of the state. It is due to heated geysers home 85% of Icelanders! This feature eliminates the need for harmful to the ecology of petroleum products that are not harmful to nature and positive impact on the budget of Iceland. Can you imagine the capital of this country through the pipes come boiling water and steam from the bowels of the earth. Then, they are sent to heat exchangers in which heat is transferred to the tap water supplied to homes Iceland. In addition, the heat of the Earth allows you to heat the Icelandic greenhouses in which cultivation of exotic fruits and flowers are not characteristic of this area.

It is worth noting that some of the greenhouses are entire park where locals come to take a breath of warm air and a walk among the greenery. Outside of these parks green is not the case, alas, but in Iceland virtually no trees. But this does not prevent the country called the most beautiful, of course, this judgment may be appealed, but Iceland - really beautiful and unique state. Visit these artificial parks, see the volcanoes, glaciers, hot springs and geysers breathable need for each of us.

Iceland place that should taste of each inhabitant of the Earth!


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