Japanese rice

Variety of rice - a traditional Japanese everyday life. However, the fact that they give preference to Japanese rice known to few. I offer you a selection of interesting facts about the Japanese rice. There are things to explain that too - easier to show something. Look at these two characters: 御 飯. In Japanese, they play exactly the same role as in Russian - corn, indicating unmilled wheat or rye grain and derived from the word "live." A "Gohan" - is cooked rice. Exactly the same characters denoted any food. The value of rice in the Japanese life very clear.

Rice field to the people of Japan - that of wheat for residents of Russia, Ukraine or Belarus. There is, perhaps, not a single corner of the country, where it had not turned green rice field, giving the landscape a special color area. How many poems, songs, paintings and other works of art devoted to light-green shoots of rice in the water up to his ankles!

Until recent decades, peasant labor rice cultivation was severe and harmful to health, but necessary. Now Japan's agricultural sector employs only 5% of the population. But these five percent, armed with modern technology exclusively local production, provide on the table for half of all Japanese fruit, almost nine-tenths of all the vegetables. And absolutely - rice!

Rice appeared on the Japanese islands, along with settlers moving from South-East Asia, the Korean peninsula and Taiwan. Rice crops in Japan and more than two thousand years. And that led to the final figure of the then population of transition to a sedentary lifestyle. And at first the Japanese ate brown rice - it is simply roasted over a fire. Art purification of rice from the husk they possessed not immediately ...

It is interesting to look rice fields with the first sprouts. Above shoots continuously moving turntable installed to deter birds. Often bounds decorates a special doll Kakashi, like our bogey; Its mission - to deter pests. In the field close to the village, or put a stone statue of a "god" or "spirit" of the field, but Hatake kamisama; his characteristic phallic shape, and it is decorated with symbols of fertility.


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