Animated "rover"

Today I would like to tell about the model rover programmable self-propelled, as it is written on itself. The fact that there was such a toy, I knew only by hearsay - each said that as a child he was like. The appearance is shown in Figure 1.

All interested ask a cat, which will be a story dating and returning lunar rover to life.

Fig. 1 Appearance moonwalker

13 photo. Source

The will of fate have worked as a teacher in the Ivanovo State Textile Academy IVGPU. One day my then still a student, now a graduate student Sergey Bazhenov brought this miracle of technology, because we are engaged in a variety of department work in this area. I immediately realized that this is the robot, which was mentioned by my friend (as it turned out later, it was indeed he). Robot Sergei too, someone gave, saying that it is fully operational. Appearance gave hope that he really will run without problems.
Front view is shown in Fig. 2.

Inspection showed that this model is programmable self-propelled Lunokhod ELECTRONICS factory №476, release date already in November 1986, the price of 27 rubles (Figure 3).

From this information, I personally experienced a bit of a shock - a miracle worked with us? However, a small search and brought a slight disappointment, this clone toys BigTrak.
Desire to run it but it did not diminish. The batteries were purchased, installed in the bay ... (Fig. 4), and we waited a little disappointing, the robot did not respond to any operations.

It turned out that we forgot to another place setting battery type krona for board power unit (Fig. 5).

However, it did not help, contacts were heavily oxidized, and the opening of the case also revealed a few wires torn from the board (Fig. 6) (one was definitely the other patient probably got after opening).

The photograph dissected robot (Fig. 6) can be clearly seen his device. On the left (Fig. 6) black bumper, the front of which is connected with microswitch which allows you to disable the toy when hitting an obstacle. There is also the speaker and the light above. In the center there is a control unit (Fig. 7).

At the rear (Fig. 7 right) keyboard commands to program the robot. Below the keyboard is the unit with batteries (Figure 8).

After opening took quite a lot of time, during which the two fought in the desire - Raspberry Pi and install Arduino and fully upgrade the robot and the desire to preserve the pristine beauty of the model. Eventually it won the desire to leave it as a memory in the form in which he came to us, only to restore its efficiency.

And in the long weekend it has been allocated time to recover. Were back soldered wires fallen off, cleaned oxidised. And lo and behold - the device is alive, after pressing the "Test" and it sounded not just rang and went, though one right wheel. After a little push in motion and left. I had to go to the opening drive, the benefit of maintainability at an altitude (like many other Soviet products, faced) (Figure 9-12).

Fig. 10 Drive before opening

Fig. 11 The appearance of the drive unit

Opening the drive unit (Fig. 11-12) showed an interesting scheme determining the distance traveled. In one of the gears have multiple magnets (Figure 12, the red gear), and is set next to the reed switch (reed switch itself and cut off contact, you can see in Fig. 13). To synchronize the rotations of both gears in rectilinear motion on a motor shaft are both rectangular magnets (for right divgatelya shown in Fig. 12 left).

Unfortunately autopsy showed that in several places at the left wheel broken gear teeth. However, now the robot is functioning well, as evidenced by the video shown below.

Fig. 13 Reed switch

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