Operation animal labor

They drank once in a dorm. Spontaneously quite so simple, no reason. While on the other hand, if the back of a hard week, ahead of two days off, and there is vodka - which still need a reason? And it so happened that the vodka was even drown, and bite - well, at least the ball rolled. Ironically, this absurd disparity have happened much more frequently than vice versa. Even in times of all-out struggle with alcoholism, and about which there is a speech. Here you go. Night from Friday to Saturday, the dormitory, the sea of ​​vodka, six young hungry guys, and two toffee. Is there something you want! Where can I get food? Well, at least the bread? Last deli in town closed ten. If, for example, for vodka, then we can fly to the restaurant. But for a meal? Even in the head does not come.

Meanwhile, good, good-quality food was very close even in sight, on the balcony on the floor below. They kept the dumplings that are made for sale, Luba Moonshine.

The first six floors of our factory dormitory, a typical nine-populated "family", those who waited in line for years for an apartment. And the top three - young people like us. Thus in addition to factory workers in a hostel somehow huddled, and the most diverse other rabble. For example, a room on the third floor of the occupied district, Victor Lunokhod. Lunokhod nickname he received for having suffered from sleep disorders, and insomnia made nightly rounds of your site. In this connection, by the way, street crime in his area was scanty, and Victor was listed in good standing with the authorities.
Seryoga Grigoryan nicknamed Atavism lived with his wife in the fifth. He was the only zhenatikom of our company, had never worked, hunted fartsa and without problems rescued us in difficult times total lack of money. We, in turn, often hid it in his closet from the heavy hand spouses Wali, we stash he kept and what things Coy.
But on the sixth, right below us, I lived a young woman, a widow with young twins, Luba Moonshine.

Lyuba knew the whole area. When she was left alone with two babies without a husband, svёkor, who lived in the village, she came up with the business of survival. He drove in his village home brew on an industrial scale, brought flasks and Luba poured into containers and traded. Since the existence of other sources it did not have, Victor Lunokhod looked at this matter through his fingers. Soon, however, times are tough, I had to curtail trade in moonshine, and the nickname stuck and stayed. Resourceful svёkor austere Luba invented a new business. I brought from the village of meat and flour, and Luba skewer dumplings for sale. Dumplings, universal obschezhitskaya food, and even pets, from the normal meat, the price of the store did not understand why, flew Lyuba just give. Twins, barely grown up, become actively help Luba why buyers now and then stumbles into the dumpling on the coin, at the Gadget, then on the button, then on the small details of children's designer. But they do not complain, and laughed, and said, "Fortunately!" In winter, when the storage was no problem, Luba made dumplings with a large margin, packed in a kilogram of plastic bags, frost and store on a shared balcony.

We were in Luban permanent and trusted customers, and if she was not home, were free to take the goods without permission, in debt. To this end, it was enough to get into the common room family section, where was a door leading to the balcony. At any time, but not at night. Knocking at night in the family section of such a request could only rely on the hit on the head with a frying pan. We knew it, but after each stack, leaving a smoke, it is involuntarily rested hungrily in the deposits of the product on the floor below.
 - Oh, damn it! See eye itching to let the tooth!
 - How to get it? Close same hook only once ...
 - Spinning be ... Or at least "cat»
Then Oleg said.
 - Ept! Because Muska is!

Young cat Muska appeared in our room from nowhere six months ago. Just once entered the wide open door, I looked around, sniffed, and stayed. Why did she have chosen? Dunno. With the meal we had the eternal strained, no it is not particularly tetёhalsya could shugnut and if underfoot. It is not clear, in short. But it caught on and stuck. She loved to sleep curled up on which a pillow when you try to remove the bad habit had to cling to the pillow all chetvermya separate her legs and finally could only be strong in the pillow uperevshis foot. Apparently it is about property and Oleg remembered.
 - A Th? Pillow same differently weighs more dumplings!

Two Tied scarf. (Then, remember, just in fashion were the three-kilometer long scarves that wrapped around eighteen times around the neck and still drag on the ground?) To one end of the tie up neatly under the belly Muska. We conducted tests on a pillow. Pillow cat cling immediately and reliably. But whether it will carry a kilo of meat dumplings over the abyss, it can be installed only at the place. And six of lazy cat with one arm out into the night. The operator of the hoist was appointed Oleg. We stood on a safety net and nozzles outweigh the railing. Of course, no one seriously expected the outcome. So, wild razvlekalovo overage drunken idiots. Oleg carefully lowered the cat out to pit to the level of the sixth floor, and slightly shaking, goes right to the packaging of dumplings!

Muska felt a support under his feet, did not disappoint expectations and disciplined launched claws in the package, clinging to a slippery surface like for life. Oleg slightly poddernul scarf, causing the cat to grab tight, and began carefully choose. We puffed! The cat slipped on the fence and hung swaying easily with the package over the abyss. We held our breath. So we would like ravioli, that as much saliva dripping from the balcony. Oleg could only cautiously and quickly erase the end, when the unexpected happened.

Someone hissed "nix! Lunokhod! ", But it is already seen as out of the corner came home district. It is traditionally completed the night patrol detour around the perimeter of the hostel. Everyone froze. Victor walked slowly under the balcony, and up, fortunately, was not looking. But at that moment, when we have already decided that had passed, the moment when Victor just caught up with us, let Muska package. Afraid of prosecution? We decided to take revenge? Dunno these cats. Anyway kilograms of dumplings in the stillness of the night rustling gently flew down.

He collapsed just before the nose of the district, to cheer up a nice frosty air thud. The package exploded and sprayed dumplings Vita feet. He froze in surprise. We recoiled and froze too. But instead of that to look up Lunokhod bent down and began to study the contents of the way. It saved us. Someone shouted in a whisper, "Athas!" Rushed to the door and from the balcony. Then Oleg, or getting rid of the evidence, or yielding to the general panic, took a scarf and let go.

The district is just in the position polunizkogo start when his back, accompanied by a long tether gently collapsed our cat. The policeman grunted and sank. The cat jumped up, and deftly leaping over the head Lunokhod, darted away, unwinding the tangle of scarves. I felt the district, watching the commotion in the snow from it quickly crawls colored tape, we have not learned. But exactly ten minutes later he was standing on the threshold of our room with a touch of thoughtfulness on his face. We tightened.
 - Guys, do not sleep? Drink has what?
 - Comrade Captain, the sea of ​​booze! - Glad reported Oleg. - Another problem, we have a bite to eat at all, absolutely nothing! Even the bread is mute!
 - Well, we better! - Lunokhod said, estimating the number of untapped bottles and rubbed his hands together. - Dumplings are you? Dumplings in my refrigerator, home, at Liubka took.

While Lunokhod go for dumplings, until somebody rushed into the kitchen to put the water, I went downstairs, walked outside and softly called Muska. She immediately jumped out from behind a corner and immediately jumped into his arms, tail twitching. No scarves, of course, if it was not there.

Then we sat at the table, chattered, drank vodka and seized, prihlyupyvaya and firing richness of hot dumplings from the general tremendous bowl. Victor downloading a glass, still thoughtfully sat a little apart. Then Muska, which is already reeling from the usual stress and spun beneath his feet, walked over to him, rubbed on pants with stripes, meowed, jumped on his lap, curled up and purred.
 - Hmm! To bad person cat will not go! - Flattered someone of us Vita.
 - Yeah! Strange animals, these cats. - Mused district spent Muska wide palm on the back and said suddenly. - Guys, why do you need a cat? You also still have nothing to eat. Let me take away her?
This was unexpected. On the one hand, we like the cat was really useless. On the other, how we can give it, if it was not at all our cat? Just come here and live. On her own. Then Oleg, as the most senior chewed dumpling and said cheerfully.
 - You know, Captain, come true. You'll go when, call her with him. If you go - take away. And if not - it is there and so he will flee from you, and will return to us.
 - Well, then one for the road! And it is too late.
Victor looked at his watch, carefully poured a pile of overturned, zanyuhal crust, gently dropped the cat on the floor, and went to the door.

He did not call it even. Muska stood sensitive, he yawned and trotted after her. Just looked at the threshold, we scanned the indifferent gaze, sneezed, and slipped out the door.

 - Yeah! Strange animals, these cats! - Mused Seryoga Grigoryan.
 - Nothing strange. - Lightly I looked at him Oleg. - Baba as a woman. You should know. ABOUT! By the way! Do not forget the morning Lyubka money include dumplings.

And pour a new one. Today, still it was already Saturday.

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