Strange and rare animals

Solenodon - a mammal of the order Insectivora, are divided into two main types: Cuban solenodon and Haitian. Relatively large, compared to other types of carnivorous beast: its length is 32 cm, and the tail, on average, 25 cm, weight of the animal - about 1 kilogram, tight physique.

Maned wolf. Lives in South America. Long legs of a wolf - the result of evolution in matters of adaptation to habitat, they help the animal to overcome obstacles in the form of tall grass growing on the plains.

African civet - the only representative of the eponymous family. These animals live in Africa in open spaces with high herbage from Senegal to Somalia, southern Namibia, and in the eastern parts of South Africa. Dimensions beast visually strong enough may increase when Viverra raises when excited wool. A fur her thick and long, especially on the back closer to the tail. Paws, muzzle and tail end of an absolutely black, most of the body pyatnistopolosataya.

Muskrats. Animal sufficiently known, due to its great title. Just a good picture.


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