As thought shapes the destiny of man

Man is dual in nature. Its duality is due to the presence in it of two principles, the Spiritual and the Animal (material). This axiom does not require scientific confirmation.

Every day we are confronted with the manifestation of these principles in your mind: to do good or "unseat" the colleague, to tell the truth or to conceal important information.

In our mind there are thousands thoughts, generating hundreds of unpredictable desires. Most of us just don't realize the importance of these subtle tools to manage our life. Let's try to solve the mystery of the origin of human thoughts and desires.

What is "thought"?

In the dictionary Dahl's "thought" is defined as "every single action of the mind." "Thought is very subtle but very powerful form of energy," he says in his book by the famous writer Neale Donald Walsh.

The nature and origin of thoughts in the mind of man and to this day is the subject of intense scientific researchcarried out, by the way, entirely in the plane of physical matter.

Recently, scientists from mit and Boston University have declared that they managed to reveal the secret of the origin of thoughts in our head. They claim to know how the fluctuations of electrical activity allow the brain to form thoughts and memories, and that new research can shed some light on how neural ensembles allow us to think.

It's a pretty loud statement, embellished by the press. In fact, they are trying to see ready-made images which are set by the brain. And what they are asking and how it really is born of thought, where and under what laws is still unclear to scientists.

So science is very far from understanding this process, which is not true of the people of antiquity who have left their treatises on the spiritual. Reading them, you realize that scientific, materialistic definition of the process of thinking and thoughts as such does not meet the internal demand of human desire to gain a true understanding of what is happening thought processes and their consequences.

In other words, each person intuitively feels that in order to obtain an objective understanding, you need to consider every situation not only from the standpoint of materialistic beliefs, but of spiritual realization.

The idea is you can't weigh or feel, but it exists, once it appeared in our minds. A thought has no mass, but can have enormous consequences in the material world, because it is kind of a motivational lever for a man, then transformed into desires of the individual.

Many psychological problems arise from the fact that he is not able to determine the source of origin of their thoughts and desires. "The main mistake is that people naively believe that all thought — "his personal", and did not even bother to understand its nature. Usually he says, "I think so," "I'm ashamed of my thoughts", "these are my thoughts" "my idea". In fact, if you carefully monitor this process, all thoughts come to us from outside and are not his own.

Man is free only to choose between them and bestow upon them the powers of his attention. Yet people do not have even the habit of talking and thinking: "I got the idea, obviously from the Animal nature," or "I think that came now the idea has a spiritual nature."

A pity, because this form of communication would have forestalled the occurrence of many conflicts between people and would make their life better in the spiritual aspect," — says the author of the popular book "Allatra" Anastasia New.

But what if you really to assume that the mindset of the person is depending on what a way to start an Animal (material) or Spiritual, is dominant in his mind at the moment? If to consider a person as a conductor of the will of one of the started?

Then, we take full responsibility for everything that happens in our life because we choose a particular idea of defining their further development!

It is our inner choice shapes our perception of any life situation, and depending on what kind of a thought, a judgment we choose — positive or negative — this situation can be a problem for us, unresolved conflict, or will become a good experience or not will remain unnoticed for the individual.

"To wish or not to wish — that is the question!"

A huge influence on the destiny of man have on his many desires. In the psychology of desire "is one of the most important moments of those mental States of personality, which govern her behavior and activities; it describes primarily the motivational and volitional aspects of these conditions. Desire is understood as desire, or rather, the impulse to achieve some goal, ideal, dream. The implementation of this act is experienced as the satisfaction of desire." (Blonsky, p. P., "Psychology of desire").

So,the desires of man, a consequence of the ideas manifested in the mind of man determine his lifestyle, behavior, his relationships with the outside world; build a clear cause-and-effect relationship, which is easy to track thanks to a deep analysis of the events in the life of the individual. Not much there for power is ephemeral, almost "virtual" concept?

The man with the domination in the consciousness of the Animal (material) beginning, supporting and encouraging in itself an infinite number of desires, exposed to imminent as an increasing nervousness due to the fact that to meet all emerging human desires — is simply impossible. And after that there is a natural dissatisfaction, a sense of hopelessness, withdrawal and as a result — deep depression (which is also a manifestation of the "animal mind").

If you look from the side, you can see what a powerful tool of control and enslavement of man is arising in his mind thoughts and desires. And only the man himself is their guide and embody them in their lives.

As in all spheres of human existence, the domination of one aspect of oppression is another. Thus encouraging in itself all manifestations of Animal origin (negative thoughts, multiple desires, envy, jealousy, condemnation, fear, pride, exalted himself, lust for power, etc.), we block ourselves in our Spiritual beginning, we set up a barrier to our spiritual development, improving our personality.

If the power of thought is used for the satisfaction of material desires, for them there comes the obligatory payback spirituality. It turns out that a private choice is not in favor of the Spiritual, we have blocked access to our Soul, and with all the wealth inherent in it is sincere, unconditional love and warmth.

If a person wants to seriously engage in their own spiritual development, he must first discipline his thoughts. As often as possible to give ourselves experience emotions, way of thinking, to analyze, what is their nature, the mechanism of occurrence. To be able to be above the circumstances of everyday life. To be able to perceive the world from the perspective of the Observer of the Spiritual beginning, and not from the usual position of the Observer of Animal origin.


A universal scheme for harmonization and happiness in any sphere of life

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It is human nature to constantly be searching: in the search of happiness, answers to questions, in search of Himself...

On the one hand, in the process of finding the identity of the person acquires the necessary experience, but the life of man passes like a dream. To understand its meaning, you need to Wake up. Changes in the external are only useful when they come from the inner world of man. All that is and what is not in this world, there are in the human Soul. The knowledge of this truth is the meaning of life.published


Author: Elena Letnitsa




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