Why the moon brown?

Chinese lunar rover "Yuytu" - "Jade Hare" - became the second unit, made a soft landing on the moon after in December 1972 it left past the Americans - the crew of "Apollo 17" - Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt. In August 1976 the Earth flew Soviet avtomatiicheskaya station "Luna-24" took obratsy lunar soil.

in December 2013 successfully prilunivshiysya "Bunny" handed shots from the place of arrival. And they revived utihnuvshie been arguing about the color of the moon? In Chinese it is brown photo. In the sky - silver. About the color and the moon on the many pictures taken by American astronauts directly on the surface of our natural satellite. This surface is either white or grayish silver in the sun. And in the shadows - dark.

Chinese lunar rover - "Jade Hare" - moves down on the brown surface of the Moon Photo: Xinhua

The Chinese took pictures of the lunar surface and without "hare" - it is brown. Photo: Xinhua

American rover expedition "Apollo 17" - goes on the gray moon Credit: NASA

The fact that the color of the moon is something wrong the first couple of years ago, said the famous American researcher of anomalous phenomena Joseph Skipper. He accused NASA trick. Like, for some mysterious reason the agency handled lunar pictures posted on the official websites for free access. From all of wiping the actual color of objects, making landscapes in black and white. As in the old movies.

Skipper strengthened suspicions he found a picture of those who have been made the last crew of "Apollo." Pictured Eugene Cernan - sets the American flag and pictures of himself holding the camera at arm's length. Schmitt walks around the Lunar Module, which is in front and the flag, astronaut spacesuit and take a lesson in bright and colorful. A lunar surface - black and white. As usual.

Moon - gray, but brown is reflected in the helmet. Photo: NASA

But look at the faceplate. It is reflected in the lunar module and the surface on which it stands. Surface brown. As on Chinese pictures of 2013. And it seems that this is the real color of the moon.

 - I do not know why NASA bleached images - says Joseph Skipper. - Probably something to hide. After all, as a rule, removing the natural color of the object, the structure mask. A structure, in turn, can give some details that should not fall into the field of view of the uninitiated.

According to the researcher, part of a photo with the flag is simply not processed due to an oversight. And the trick was discovered.

And the Chinese are nothing worked. They did not know that so it should be. The Americans did not warn them.

All shades of chocolate, not gray

In favor of the fact that the moon Brown testified and members of the crew of "Apollo 10". Then, in May 1969, the pilot of the lunar module was the same Eugene Cernan, commander - Thomas Stafford, command module pilot - John Young. Astronauts selected for the landing of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, who were the first to set foot on the moon after a couple of months.

Cernan and Stafford, undocked from the command module and close to the surface to 100 meters. We examined in detail the color. What amounted to a detailed report. And take pictures.

The report of the crew of "Apollo 10", pardon the pun, black and white, that the moon sometimes is light brown, the tan, the color of dark chocolate. But not gray.

The surface of the moon, taken on board the "Apollo 10" Photo: NASA

And some pictures taken on board the "Apollo 10", it is generally green with bright red patches.

Strangely, photo Cernan, Stafford and Young were the last, which was the color of the moon. Further, since the first landing of the Americans, it was the black and white.

In this picture the green moon Credit: NASA

By the way, something amazing in color and found astronauts "Apollo 17" right next to the landing site. On Earth, it took enthusiastic and many times repeated cries: "I can not believe it ... It's unbelievable ... It was as if the orange ... there's something rusted." This is the basis of which the astronauts are trying to gather in a bag. Probably, it was brought to Earth. But what a find, no one has not yet been reported.

Is there some secret

(Instead of a comment)

Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, who was friends with Stafford, about colored Moon explained to me at the time: the whole thing in the film that shot, and the reflectivity of the surface.

 - Everyone in their own way perceives light, - said Alexei Arkhipovich. - I think one brown shade, another - a different hue. A photograph - is artificially invented layers. Any film - the three colors. And the combination of the three colors. The result depends on the treatment. Depending on the angle of the light flux. One position of the luminous flux - one color. The sun rises - a different color. One and the same color on the surface may reflect in dependence on the angle of - different wavelengths. And this is - a different color.

Alexei Arkhipovich believe. But still I do not understand: first, the moon reflects so that was brown, and then began to reflect, so that was the black-and-white to color film. And now she is back brown - on Chinese pictures.

Is there some secret. Or is it a trick?


Where untouched by American

According to the plan, "Jade Hare" had prilunitsya December 16, 2013 in the Bay of Rainbows (Sinus Iridum) Sea of ​​Rains (Mare Imbrium). But he, for some reason, sat December 14 and about 400 kilometers to the east - in the Sea of ​​Rains.

Recreational landings of American and Soviet stations, places of landing "Apollo" Credit: NASA

Next to the "Hare" no earthly aids. As if the Chinese are specially chosen unexplored area. The closest the Soviet station "Luna-17". It is about a thousand kilometers away. Somewhere around her - Soviet "Lunokhod-1", which is very similar to the Chinese wheels.

Landing place "Jade Hare": in the Sea of ​​Rains, and not in the Bay of Rainbows. Photo: NASA

Before the landing, "Apollo 15" - more than 2,500 kilometers. Before "Apollo 17" - even further. And it would be possible to sit down and close to surely see the astronauts left the equipment to photograph it. Or, conversely, not be seen. To the delight of those who doubt that the Americans landed on the moon. However, the Chinese - their plans.


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