Chinese lunar rover successfully prilunilsya


On December 2, Habré was published the news that the Chinese launched their own lunar rover on the moon, with its own spaceport. Flight to Earth satellite carried a spacecraft "Chang'e-3", which carried a lunar rover. To the news said that the launch of the spacecraft was successful, and the rover is scheduled to arrive at their destination in mid-December of 2013.

Well, now just mid-December, and moonwalker really prilunilsya. Planting was carried out in the vicinity of the crater Rainbow Bay (Sea of ​​Rains). Under the plan, the work program the machine should last three months. Chinese experts rover equipped with solar panels, various cameras, spectrometers and other equipment. Lunokhod will study the moon's surface, as well as the geological structure of our satellite (all this is necessary not only as a purely scientific purpose, but also to search for possible useful for mankind lunar resources)

It should be noted this is the second phase of China's lunar program. In the third phase, which is scheduled for the beginning of 2020, the Chinese plan to deliver the lunar soil to Earth.

Of course, due to the successful landing of the unit, China can now be considered as the third one power, conducting direct study of the Moon. Was the first power of the USSR, then - the United States, now - China. Actually, the first power now not so "lunar" countries are now only two.

Of course, the Chinese do not get tired to stress that their program is run for the benefit of all mankind, and about any competition out of the question.

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