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NPO. SA Lavochkin - one of the leading Russian companies in the development and practical use of unmanned vehicles. Like all the space industry it is under the regime of secrecy, and sometimes even in the museum can be reached only by appointment. However, in its depths, in addition to the museum there is quite an interesting and mysterious place called "Hangar 18". Let us know about it in detail.

Unlike American counterpart, he did not conceal the alien ships and Earth. But the richness of the collection, gathered at the small square can confidently compete with the now the defeated pavilion "Space" at VDNH. Seeing such an abundance of space, at first I was just stunned. Then he learned that the Lunokhod - a chassis model; "Venera-7" - the technological layout, thermal vacuum tests took place before the flight in 1970; and almost all models contain elements that were created for real devices, the success of which I was inspired as a child. In short, the shock is not immediately let go. But first things first.

The creator, guardian and master of this cosmic wealth - Ruslan V. coma - a legendary figure whose talent engineer and manager for the past three decades, the Soviet Union and led Russia to the outstanding success since "Venus-13" and up to "Radioastron." Of course, there were also setbacks such as "Mars-96" or "Phobos-Grunt", but there were some devices, such as "grenade" or "Astron", which in general almost no one knows, despite years of successful work.

The plans Ruslan Vladimirovich and management NPOL creating children's educational space center that will inspire future generations of space explorers. It is expected that it will be located in Khimki, near businesses and will focus primarily on working with young people Khimki. Although, I think out of this center is much broader, he is quite able to have federal significance.

Now there is, of course, still a long way before the opening. Trust public funding is not allocated, models and patterns actually recovering the enthusiasm Komaeva, often at his own expense. Management of the company helps to the extent possible, so the case there is not moving as fast as we would like, but there is clear progress.

Settles 'Hangar 18' in the closed part of the plant (yes, in the closed area of ​​the enterprise there is a closed part). Therefore, to carry the camera would have required considerable effort and numerous approvals. However, on Saturday, November 23, we, together with the art community of the USSR-2061, organized a blog-tour NPOL. Unfortunately, to see the production itself failed. We were told that every visitor to the clean room where the spacecraft collected, - a source of pollution, and we were twelve, so alas. But it was possible to see the museum NPOL and more interesting, "Hangar 18».

At the entrance we were greeted by Ruslan V. himself, and at the door waiting for the surprises that nobody expected - orbiting and landing modules Apollo! Yes, Coma decided that time to learn to master the space, it is necessary to assimilate the world experience, not just your own. So he gathered all the information, photographs, drawings, which are available on the Internet, and create a full-size mock-up of the American lunar module, which will match the original, not only outside but also inside.

When the work is completed, there will be easily "Apollo 13" retake.

Even on weekends, it works on recreating the descent capsule Gagarin:

The process is not stopped even though a flock of curious bloggers, clicking cameras and sets an array of issues.

The plans Komaeva ask RSC "Energia" has "Soyuz" to complete the collection, but it is trite nowhere to put.

Along the walls of "Hangar 13," "modestly" are full-size mock-ups of automatic interplanetary stations. In the center stands the "Luna-24". It is interesting for its drilling unit, which allowed to extract lunar soil to a depth of 2 meters.

Its predecessor was more soil intake unit, which produces shallow drilling:

The device is the first generation of drill can carefully examine the museum NPO. SA Lavochkin.

In general, production and delivery of lunar samples - a very interesting mission, which is to tell apart. I myself, for example, only learned that used various drilling devices. I have the preparation of the material, but first try to get images from the depths of the RAS with these devices.

Next to the "Luna-24" - the Soviet (Russian) -European Astrophysical Observatory "Pomegranate", which worked from 1989 to 1998:

Some telescope dismantled, would otherwise have to cut a hole in the ceiling.

And for the "Moon", lurking ... Guess what?

Yes it Moonbuggy - American rover program Apollo:

The machine requires further improvements, such as a metal grid must still pull on the wheel, but soon it will be ready to take on board the first young astro astronauts.

The creator of the model even tools lunar mission prepared, and gladly shows the result of their work.

Generally, when you look at this gray-haired conqueror of space (without the quotes), who as a boy boasts of his carvings necessarily get infected by his enthusiasm. That's really really a person who through the years has carried his sincere interest and devotes his life. Such people and made at the time leap into space, and these sorely lacking in the industry today.

Along the far wall of the entrance lined automatic conquerors of Venus. Lander "Venus-7" lies at the foot of the tower multi-ton "Venus-13". This "Seven" is not only the value of the exhibition, but also historical, as It was designed to test the temperature in the preparation of the first successful landing on Venus.

About endured trials eloquently burned the pennant "Venera-7" on the body. (I've been thinking why part of the inscription in the mirror, but did not understand. Apparently the temperature was such that the label has moved into a mirror dimension :)

Model "Vega" is different from the next "Venus-13" by the fact that the casing is partially removed lander and lander itself is visible. The main body of the dust protection plate added which were needed when approaching the station with Halley's comet. In addition, the structural difference is a massive block of TSA-D cameras to take pictures of the comet, on the remote manipulator:

Dimensions, "camera", of course, space:

But she held unique to the time of observation, reveal the secrets of the legendary comet, which for centuries terrified the inhabitants of the earth:

In the corner stands the "Venera-15". It also does not fit completely under the ceiling of the hangar, so multimeter radar, which was carried out mapping of the North Pole of Venus, is separately. Shooting from the transmitting antenna:

I could not go past the "Mars-3". Here, it's packed to the full. Not where you can see it in this form. The museum at ENEA only lander. The museum NPOL - lander, with an element of the guard and the brake cone. The Museum of Space Research Institute - a model of 1/3. Perhaps only in Kaluga, "a full set» 1/1.

And finally, the "Lunokhod-2" - a functional model, however, has not yet been completed. But the wheels spinning, the antenna is controlled, and the camera removed.

The idea to do a full Ruslan Vladimirovich lunodrom, which could be practiced in the management of the unit. Includes two modes: "Lunokhod" when control is fully consistent with the way it was carried out in 1973; and "Rover" when you need to write a program of action, to send to the device, and it will have fulfillment. For the first mode will be made remote control that corresponds to the original console. Consultant to create it, perform one of the "drivers" rover. In the second mode, the team will be loaded from a computer, and you can even implement some delay time as the transfer to Mars.

I had an idea: not yet elevated to the Khimki Space Center, place the "Lunokhod-2" on Mars tefo - in the pavilion "Space" at the Exhibition Centre. Fortunately there is a place "namolennoe" since the days of the Soviet Union, and the company just focuses on educational and recreational work with children. The pavilion could be built lunodrom (like even there are still some fragments of the landfill, which, in fact, preparing for a Soviet assault on the Moon), and realize the dream of young adults and fans of space to steer the "Lunokhod". Guidelines NPOL liked the idea, Coman said that you can try and finish the unit by April 12 ...



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