Audi undertook the development of a lunar Rover

It seems that Audi decided to become the most stylish participant of Google Lunar X Prize. The company has announced a partnership with Part-Time Scientists, a German team working on creating its own Rover. The automaker has said it will provide technology Quattro all-wheel drive and will share its experience in the fabrication of lightweight structures and piloted driving.



In addition, Audi is going to help in advertising and promotion of the project. The Rover will be called the Audi Quattro Lunar Moon Rover — in case you forget who participated in its development.

Prize Google Lunar X Prize will be awarded to the team that will be able to deliver the first Rover to the moon, travel at least 500 meters and transmit to Earth images and high resolution videos. The prize Fund is $ 30 million. It is expected that the competition will challenge engineers and scientists from around the world and spur the development of inexpensive robots for space exploration.

Part-Time Scientists has already received two interim prize during the development of their lunar Rover. However, using the potential of the Audi, it will be much easier to reach the moon. Studio concept Audi design in Munich is already working on the design of the lunar Rover, which will significantly reduce its weight. Unfortunately, Google do not give points for stylish design. published

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