Geothermal wealth. Iceland as a source of "green" energy

A small Northern island nation of Iceland has achieved what can only dream of the world's major powers — the 99.5 percent of the energy used in this country, has a "green" origin. Moreover, the opportunity to develop this energy potential is almost limitless. That's because the UK and decided to ask Iceland to "share" her with electricity.

Architects around the world and then uses geothermal for heating houses that they create. But it is usually a question of individual buildings, mostly small. Such as home-ark of the Studio Axis Mundi, or a glass house Lake Lugano House.

However, there is a country in the world in which all energy is based on the presence in the state a huge amount of hot geothermal sources. We are talking about Iceland. With the help of this natural wealth on the island are heated buildings and even sidewalks on the streets. From electricity produced from hot water, working steel mills. Anyway, as mentioned above, almost one hundred percent of all energy in Iceland is "green" origin.

The success of Iceland in the production of clean energy in the last year is very, very interested in Britain. Moreover, at the highest level. Between the two governments are active discussions about how to lay a submarine cable with a length of 930 kilometers, which would transmit electricity from the country of geysers and volcanoes to Albion and on to Europe.

Because of the potential of hot springs in Iceland would be enough to replace one nuclear power station.

I must say that after learning about this incredible idea, Icelandic environmentalists have stepped up their actions. They are, in principle, is not against implementation of such a bold economic-energy project, but require that it does not violate the ecological balance in most of Iceland, and used to generate electricity the geothermal water is not left on the surface, while remaining in the same place in the bowels of the earth.

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