Art-O-Mat — a vending machine that sells modern art

Now it seems strange, but previously in many public places were vending machines with which you could buy cigarettes. However, now these cars are selling cancer ceased to exist. In any case, to perform their original functions. Because many such devices in the USA were converted, and now they are in the world the beauty of modern art!

The transformation of the old vending machines into something new — a very popular nowadays. As an illustrative example, a device called Digital Gum Goods, which previously sold chewing gum, and now digital content.

But if Digital Gum Goods is a single case of such conversion, the Art-O-Mat is a new trend in contemporary artistic and engineering skills. Because similar devices in the last couple of years have become quite common across America, and their total number exceeded one hundred.

As before with the help of these vending machines, you could select the tobacco products, so now with the help of Art-O-Mat has the opportunity to enjoy a variety of modern art, from Handicrafts and black-and-white photographs to reproductions of paintings and sculptures.

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