Recycling of printed products from David Mach (David Mach)

Despite the global shift to digital media in the world still produced a huge number of printed products, disposal of which is becoming a bigger problem. That's the wave of Newspapers and journals carrier, simultaneously, information and debris, and is referred to in unusual installations of Scottish artist David Mach (David Mach).

One of the first artists who began to use old printed materials for artistic purposes, was the Scotsman David Mach creates of already read Newspapers and magazines amazing installation.

These installations based on the concept of the flood. David Mach creates from old printed materials some semblance of a wave, while away, breaking through barriers, demolishing everything in its path. She breaks through the wall, tear the cars, trucks and even airplanes.

Moreover, in installations, David Mach all the cars, planes and other such elements — the most that neither is true. But the wave made from old magazines and Newspapers, are processed in such a way that they visually resembled the natural disaster that struck the city.

For installations by David Mach is his desire to show what role our society plays printed products. On the one hand, it brings us information, on the other — sometimes this information is too much, it turns into a flood, demolishing everything in its path.

A separate problem is the issue of garbage and the environment as a whole. Firstly, for the production of paper for printed materials around the world cut down a huge amount of green space. And, secondly, Newspapers, magazines and books are often read only once (if at all open), and then become garbage.

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