Posters on military cooperation

Despite well-known differences between the USSR, Britain and the US during the 2nd World War, they tried every way to help and build relationships of. One such example was the special advocacy materials on military cooperation with the Soviet Union, which you can find in the continuation of the post.

See also: Soviet anti-American posters Hello Soviet heroes! Together we will win! (UK)

Weapons for the Russian - British transport convoy escorted by Soviet fighters approaching the harbor of Murmansk (UK)

Russian. This soldier is our friend. He fights for freedom (USA)

Greetings to the heroic soldiers of the Soviet Union by the British allies (Great Britain)

Cover their hair with a handkerchief in order to ensure security (when working in manufacturing), as does your sister from Russia (UK)

From the British people. To victory! We are (United Kingdom)

From the British people. To victory! We are (United Kingdom)

From the British people. To victory! We are (United Kingdom)

From the British people. To victory! We are (United Kingdom)

Britain is helping Russia: British planes bombed the German ships in the Russian north (on the way to the Kola Peninsula)

We collect funds to help the wounded in the Red Army Day on February 23 (UK)

Infantry tank "Churchill" doing their job in Russia, North Africa and Europe (United Kingdom) 1944

Leningrad protects Britain. Render to help him! (UK)

British Hurricanes in aerial combat with fighters of the Air Forces of the USSR attacked a group of German Junkers

We potoplyaem fascist pirates! - British Navy gunner - (UK)

My greeting - a fighter! - British aircraft factory worker - (UK)

We are also fighting for our future! - Young scientists British

Our northern neighbors - the poster of the film (Canada)

Help the Red Cross Society in Russia! - (UK)

They need all the time to show your courage! Send clothes to the Russian people in order to assist in the war (UK)

Military supplies for the Russian - British and American trucks columns moving through Iran to the USSR (UK)

29 united nations are preparing to deal a fatal blow to Hitler (UK)

If he could not get out of this environment, he is defeated (UK)

On land, at sea and in the air Allies Strike Back (UK)

United nations fighting for freedom (USA)

Five Reasons Why the Allies win! (UK)

Untitled - flags of China, the Soviet Union, the United States and the United Kingdom (UK)

Winston Churchill, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin and Chiang Kai-shek (UK)

Together we are strong. Together we will win (USA)

Together! United nations fighting for freedom (USA)

Victory! (UK)



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