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I suggest to read and see some interesting facts and photos dedicated to the tradition of marriage in the USSR.

November 1, 1959 at exactly 12 o'clock before Kalashnikovs Vadim Iosifovich and Lyudmila Vasilyevna march to the sound of Mendelssohn opened the door grand hall of the Palace of weddings. Everything was modest - dress without crinoline, one ring for two-and Komsomol discreet kiss. But you can imagine how happy the couple feel! Leningrad Wedding Palace or "Palace of happy" until 1917 was the mansion of the Grand Duke Andrei Vladimirovich Romanov. After World War II the building housed a design bureau. And the opening of the Palace of the building was decorated in befitting "Soviet" style: on a table covered with a red cloth stood a bust of Lenin on the walls hung portraits of members of the Politburo. Above all this rose the pulpit, as painted in red with the emblem of the Soviet Union. Of course, the first country in the Palace wanted to get a lot bride and groom.

1963. According to some witnesses of weddings at the time, a visit to the Leningrad Palace with direct "participation" in the ceremony even included in the program of the visit of Finnish tourists in the northern capital.

60s, ordinary Soviet bride brought to the place of registration of marriage.

Of course, in "solemn" car - "The Seagull".

And this is a signature certificate in the average registry office. By the way, with 50 years, in order to increase the birth rate in the country, the Soviet government strongly supports the desire of citizens to formalize their relationship. In singles who want to live in a "civil marriage" and feel it imposes tax blanks. And families, on the contrary, helped: each state has welcomed a new marriage, and even pays money for the purchase of wedding rings. Young families were on benefits and free housing.

Speaking of tradition, just the wedding ceremony, it is worth noting that despite the endemic "standardization" in the republics of the former Soviet Union retains its folk and religious customs: in Tajikistan, even 40 years after the victory of the Soviet power, no one could see the faces of the bride.

In some parts of the multinational Union wedding ritual she looked very bright and colorful. For example, the Georgian bride had to be able not only to stop a galloping horse, and, if necessary, to ride.

And in the Baltic States - on the contrary, the groom had to impress the bride, having washed her feet.

Young people, in turn, also tried in every way to diversify a wedding: it was thought that in order to save his future wife from evil spirits, the husband should make her into the house in his arms. The builders of BAM and do, but a few other reasons - to keep the white shoes of his wife from dirt.

Photo Soviet wedding, made in 1977 for the magazine National Geographic. An interesting detail of the "marriage" terminology denote cohabitation "civil marriage" is relatively recent. In Soviet times, he called civil marriage marriage recorded in the civil status registry office (hence the name came ...). Basically in the Soviet Union there were only two types of marriage: civil and church ... in order not to get confused during the last census in Russia, introduced describe two types of marriage, "civil" and "official". Mandatory photo shoot the newlyweds on the Red Square in Moscow.



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