Banksy in the past month

The main street artist Banksy World Briton held spontaneous exhibition in New York. Every day in October in the city there are at least one product - it was not just the usual graffiti and installations, video art and action. "Graffiti - a crime».


"This is my New York accent. (... Usually I write so) ».


"You complete me».


"Occupy! Musical". This work, like many others, part of a series: Banksy remade a number of New York graffiti in his own way.


"Dirty laundry: Musical».


"Mafia out of the sandbox. Musical ».


Banksy's rare for an exercise in the genre of installation: he redid the truck into a mobile garden - with a waterfall, rainbow, butterflies. Audio Guide, commenting on the work, unhappy: the artist "Bambi" repeats itself.


In addition, Banksy engaged and video art: the "Flare rebels", the Mujahideen shot down Disney Dumbo the Flying Elephant.


"This object - a symbol of the struggle for survival of a broken heart," - commented sickly parody audioguide.


"According to my hypothesis, any phrase may seem profound if sign her name on a dead philosopher. Plato ».




For photos of the graffiti locals were going to charge tourists $ 20 - video about the actor posted on his website without comment.


"Squeaking of the Lambs." Benkci rented van, which transported cattle for slaughter, and made him for two weeks cruising around the slaughterhouse - only animals inside were toy.


"Squeaking lambs».


"Concrete confessional».


October 13 Banksy had the loudest share for the full month: put the tray in the park, from which to sell their original works, without revealing their authorship. Canvases were worth $ 60; Now, when their author is known, each estimated at no less than 30 thousand dollars.



"Everything that we do in life echoes in eternity." "Some people criticize me for using, say, primitive sources (this quote from the movie" Gladiator "). But you know what? This hostility is only going to make me stronger, not weaker, as the said Kelly Rowland on the show "X-Factor" ».



During the week at lunchtime in different "McDonald's" appeared fiberglass Ronald McDonald shoes that rubbed to a shine a living person.


This edition of the tabloid «New York Post» with the editorial "Catch Banksy!" The artist accompanied sarcastic caption: "I do not read what I believe in newspapers».



"You like to go for art galleries, but they lack the gravel you? This is an exhibition space for you: only two pictures, bench mat, free buffet ».


"People ask why I organize exhibitions on the street, but you looked recently in an art gallery? They crowded! »


Word audiokommentatoru ironic: "It's more than another show ... Oh, no, wait, this is it. In the corner of a cooler full of cheap wine. Support the gallery tradition of ignoring the work and focus all attention on the drinks. " "This work is inspired by the movement" Occupy Wall Street ". It weakens and we inevitably wonder what would happen if all the main ideas of collapse. But if the idea that all ideas will fail, she will crash ... Oh, well, this wine is strong enough with me ».


Banksy turned the ordinary anthill in Staten Island into an object of art frank.



"In the ghetto forever».


"A copy of the Great Sphinx of Giza in the proportion of 1 to 36, made of broken cinder blocks. Drink up Arab vernal water is not advised. " Banksy plays with the words: Arab spring water refers to spring water, and the events of the so-called Arab Spring.


"Today's art is canceled due to police actions».


"For those of you who are interested, whether it was an image made with the permission of the building owner. There was not ».


Banksy's death rolled on machines attractions. Audio guide commented: "It is a dance of death: the artist reproduced Soulreaper with the care for which he had the talent." "Think about the fragility of life, a thin slice of life, given to each of us, to leave a mark in the annals of mankind. Why are we all here? What are we doing here? Did you know that according to statistics, one of you standing here right now will die today? Oh, no, wait, it's one of your mobile phones will die today. Well, it is still quite tragic "; "They say that the task of art - to remind him of his mortality. Banksy created for that installation of such duration that we regret that it is not dead. Let me quote the words of the great poet "Wikipedia", who once said ... »


Banksy offered his version of bumper slogan: "The g **** stey you yourself, the more r **** Cove around»


Banksy was going to "cover up" October 27 column in "The New York Times," but it was rejected by the editors. The text of Banksy's criticism falls on the new skyscraper, built on the site of the World Trade Center - the Freedom Tower. "Change it to exhibit better!»


"The image is locked».



"The banality of banality of evil", oil on canvas. Banksy's work was named after the philosopher Hannah Arendt's book, written on the basis of the trial of Adolf Eichmann Gestapo. To obscure landscape artist graffiti artist painted on the Nazi sitting on a bench. November 1 work sold at an online auction for 615 thousand dollars; money will go a charity organization that helps homeless people and AIDS patients.



Audiokommentatoru word: "Oh ... This is the last day of the exhibition. And I am pleased to say that we finish it on a joyful note. This homage to the most frequent type of graffiti in the city, which gave the graffiti of our era. " "What the artist has achieved this month in New York City? It is shameful that the show did not attract the attention of reviewers. He told me: "If only one child was inspired by the fact, to take a can of paint and draw something - it would be a disappointment, even statistically, considering how much work I have put. '" "Banksy says that art should live among us, in the public space - to provoke debate, to express concern, to create and unmask. What if a temporary whim - it is not street art, but on the contrary, the whole previous history of art as paintings hung in churches and institutions? The world in which we live and without controlled - visually at least - traffic signs and billboards. Perhaps it is no accident. Maybe we want to live in a world made of art, rather than just decorated them? "" Thank you for visiting the exhibition ».




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