Battle graffiti artists

Confrontation between the two British artists has been going on for several years. To begin to talk about the place where it all happens. Regents Canal near Camden rather sad place, the artists never really was not painted. A couple of stickers and a few tags - that's the whole street art that was there. However, it was there back in 1985 decided to paint graffiti popular in those years, writer Robbo. Jobs called Robbo Incorporated. Later, it began to be called "King Robbo" for what he has become one of the first graffiti and made it big. Surprisingly, this work has remained there to this day. However, it was in a very inconspicuous place plus everything you can get there was just swimming. As of 2009, the work looked quite nasty: faded, she wore a mass tag, but still underscore Mr. Robbo could see well.

In 2006, work was spoiled

In December 2009, Banksy decided to put his hand to the already spoiled by graffiti Robbo.

After 2 weeks Robbo completed Banksy graffiti, but wrote to his name :)

A month later, it became a pattern:


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