Speaking of graffiti

To dilute the gray everyday life, is to show the world without censorship, through the eyes of graffiti. What is it? Art? Or ridiculous scribble, spoiling the walls of the cities? Someone sees in him the beauty and conceptual someone call to action and caustic satire, caricature of reality, such as the campaign "Bring Wall Street," the bankruptcy of Greece and the revolution in Egypt. Well, someone - ordinary doodle. What do you see?
So, if the figures could talk ...


London, 2007. The writing on the wall "Art died," "Long live the Graffiti!" In 2007, the British Government has allocated £ 6 million to the fight against anti-social behavior.

London, 2006. The work of Banksy "sweep under the carpet" appeared after the interview, Bono - frontman of U2 - newspaper The Independent. In it he accused the West of unwillingness to solve such serious problems as AIDS in Africa.

London, 2009. Hornhead - one of the most famous underground artists in Britain - dorisovyvaet finishing touches their work at the exhibition Mutate Britain.

London, 2011. Reiter TOX was sentenced to prison in 2011 as his work recognized expert committee vandalism. Author graffiti - Banksy.

London, 2009. "Financial hole" in front of the Treasury, which fail, Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Chancellor Alistair Darling. The cartoon appeared shortly before the Chancellor presented the draft budget to Parliament.

London, 2010. The wall in the pub "The Princess of Wales." Author - Banksy. 2010.

London, 2007. Pedestrians are not even aware that this flower painted Banksy. Shortly before that, one of his works bought Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

London, 2008. Another graffiti by Banksy - a mockery of the security service. The child draws the inscription "The people under observation at the CCTV». CCTV - cameras.

London, 2004. The inscriptions on the walls of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the call to stop the massacre in Fallujah. In that year, the US military tried several times to get this Iraqi city under their control.

London, 2011. Caricature: David Cameron (the current British Prime Minister) Nick Clegg squeezed the perineum (the candidate for the post of prime minister in the 2010 elections). The plot was an episode with English footballer Vinnie Jones, who was famous for rigid style of play.

Berlin, 2012. A part of the Berlin Wall, Painted within the "Occupy Wall Street».

Bethlehem, 2008 Banksy has decorated the wall of a house before the visit of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who came to mend relations with Israel and Palestine.

Sydney, 2009. Almost 35 million local dollars Australian government has spent on the destruction of graffiti, who painted cars.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2009. vengeance is preparing to host the Summer Olympic Games in 2016. Graffiti painted near the entrance to one of the favelas where police managed to clear the drug gangs.

Tel Aviv, 2011. The city has increased the cost of housing. Many houses were abandoned, as residents become not afford to pay for an apartment.

Dzhogyakarta, 2011. The campaign against smoking in Indonesia. The country has about 25% of children over three years - passive smokers, and about 3% of them do smoke regularly.

Cairo, 2011. On this wall painted revolutionaries and their sympathizers.

New York, 2011. The French artist JR pasted photographs of the fence within the project "Mother's Eyes", which involves residents of disadvantaged areas, such as the Bronx.

Prague, 2011. Portrait of Vaclav Havel - former President of the Czech Republic - appeared on the wall almost immediately after his death December 18, 2011.

Bristol, 2011. Painting the house under the "See No Evil", which should attract the best graffiti artists from around the world.

Jerusalem, 2011. In this house lives a family of Palestinian prisoners whom the Israeli authorities was released in exchange for its soldier Gilad Shalit, who was captured in 2006.

Athens, 2012. Graffiti with a girl who tries to reach the stars on the flag of the European Union came after hard application of the EU that Greece must cut the budget.

Athens, 2012. The next story about the bankruptcy of Greece. The consequences of austerity, which will be forced to resort Greeks after the approval of the annual budget.

Athens, 2012. The woman "pressed" to the chest bag with the euro after the European Union announced its conditions for the allocation of the next credit.

London, 2010. No Ball Games - «reproduction of" a series of graffiti by Banksy. Particular excitement around «No Ball Games» arose after 2007, when vandals cut the first such image of the wall, and then put on Ebay for 20 thousand pounds.


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