San Francisco

at 5:12 am April 18, 1906 San Francisco, was awakened by a strong push. The next 25 seconds, all was quiet. And then as much as 42 seconds shaking the city. Buildings collapsed, the earth went from under my feet, rails tram tracks diverge. But the worst thing started then. 90% damage to the city caused fire broke out caused by the destruction of the gas stations. This project combines the old photos of the tragedy and modern pictures taken on the same spot. But this is not the typical photos "before and after" pictures is two in one. In each photo merge photos taken in 1906 and 2010. Photographer found the place where stood the original photographer took away, the state of illumination. In the end, it turned out horrible, but interesting pictures of how the city was at the time of the tragedy and how it is today. Photos where the past merges with the present.

1. Pedestrians on the street Jones Street, go to the wreckage of the building on Market Street. Bank building burned in the background, but is firmly in place today.

2. People look at a fire at the corner of Franklin Street and Hayes Street.

3. A woman sits in a "Mercedes", and dead horses lie under the rubble of a building on Sacramento Street.

4. A woman walks near the wreckage of a building on 5th Street. Treasury Building surprisingly well survived the earthquake.

5. Two girls standing in front of partially destroyed building in Golden Gate Park.

6. People are on Drum Street, as long as people are trying to rebuild the ruined city.

7. The tram goes to California Street, is shocked residents wander aimlessly among the debris.

8. People in the background of the tents, where they lived, those who lost their homes, and in the background of a skyscraper Ferry recovery begins.

9. Satisfied tourists passing in a tram near the hotel "Fairmont", the interior of which was burned in the fire after the earthquake.

10. trams passing along California Street, which was destroyed. St. Mary's Cathedral (right), miraculously survived the destruction.

11. Residents climbed higher, to look at the fire that engulfed the city.

12. Pedestrians walk past the monument mechanics on Bush Street, while in the background you can see the ghostly image of a dilapidated building.

13. Mother resting on the parapet at Alamo Square, while their children play in the grass and the sky raging fire last tragedy.

14. Tram №455 and partially destroyed a parking lot.

15. Passers-by on Market Street in front of the ruined Hurst.

16. Cars are going by S. Van Ness, suffered after the earthquake.

17. People walk past the rubble on Geary Street.

18. Cyclists riding to the destroyed building of the hotel "Valencia" and a huge hole appeared in the middle of the road during the earthquake.

19. People walking on the street California Street among the charred wreckage.

20. Cars are parked in front of a brand new courthouse, which is well survived the earthquake.

21. People walk near the church of Dolores, who survived the earthquake, but not so close to the ruined church.

22. Coaches and cars in front of Lafayette Park against the backdrop of the ruined city.

23. People walk from the Cathedral of St. Mary, which survived the earthquake, but was consumed by fire.

24. bustle of the city at the fountain of Lot, who served as a meeting place after an earthquake.

25. The remaining homeless people living in tents, and behind the building stands intact Conservatory of Flowers.



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