The best street art in February

The coolest, that was painted or found on the walls of cities around the world over the past mesyats.Strit art develops most rapidly of all existing art forms. With it can compete unless the graphic and industrial design, but they are applied and most thoroughly commercial. A street art - primarily a social phenomenon. Reflecting society and its aspirations.

Month in the world there are several hundreds of notable works, and we choose the most interesting for you. Work on the list, of course, not new. Some were not drawn in February, but found and released just in the reporting month. Today, we have a lot of South American graffiti, bright, ethnic and deeply philosophical, as well as two Russian works.

Santiago Chili

Vienna, Jesse

Glasgow VelikobritaniyaSmugOne

Sevilla, Nino

Brest FrantsiyaAlice Pasquini

Bariloche Argentina

Reims FrantsiyaIEMZA

Rio de Janeiro, BraziliyaJorge Selaron

Leon Kerr

Overpert, Belgiya

Antwerp BelgiyaRizeOne and Steve Locatelli


Puerto RikoSKE and REK


Valencia Ispaniya

Vyksa, Rossiya

Ekaterinburg, RossiyaTimofey Radya - "Something always hidden»

Signed with you?

Frankfurt GermaniyaJulian Schweitzer


Land without iskusstva

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