10 most bizarre and dangerous place, where in fact people live

The Earth is our home, a place that nourishes us and sheltering us - from the cradle to the grave. Therefore, it seems that every corner of it to be suitable for life. However, it is not so. Outside the cozy little nests today that we have created for ourselves, garden from all natural bad weather, we have nothing to save from harm and many dangers that threaten us in a big and lonely world.
Due to the fact that we in the Western world for the most part protected from all dangers, we forget how much we frail in the wild. We are top predators just because we can outsmart the other higher predators. However, in developing countries there are those who live on the edge of the border between civilization and chaos of nature. Even in the West there are people who parted with the comforts of modern life sheltered from the madding crowd in the wild.
Moreover, there are those who continue to eke out their existence, bringing the flour of the modern world and choose to do it the most unusual methods, whether through the incredible architecture, living in a strange place or using a small space to the maximum. Sometimes it seems that people can adapt to everybody, even though that such powers are puzzling and genuine surprise not only friends and family members, but also all over the world. Below is a list of the most extraordinary homes from the harsh habitats that are home to some people.

Little House on the Island (Island House) on the St. Lawrence River (St Lawrence River)

The house is located on the border of the United States and Canada, two of the largest countries in the world, erected on such a small area that it is barely enough to accommodate the house itself. The house, which occupies an island in the St. Lawrence River that separates New York and the Canadian province of Ontario, it could pass for a boat floating leisurely along the river.

The island is ideally called "barely enough space» (Just Room Enough), was bought by the family Sayzlend (Sizeland) in the 1950s to avoid the crazy rhythm of modern life. Yet, ironically, the family that is looking for seclusion, and now lives in a house that has become a tourist destination. In this house there is something amazing. That is why, the man who accidentally zabredёt in the neighborhood and saw this house may not believe his own eyes.

Pole of Cold (Cold Pole)

Most of us are accustomed to the mild climate and life in a variety of weather conditions, even though some of us were more fortunate, and they live in a mild climate most of the year. However, there are those who are fighting for survival in harsh place to live and fight with a lack of vitamin D!

City Verkhoyansk is located at a distance of more than 4,800 kilometers from the Russian capital, Moscow, deep in the forest, which is the most extensive forest in the world. Siberian city is also considered the "coolest city on earth." For this reason it is also known as the "Pole of Cold". In the period between September and March in Verkhoyansk everything freezes, as here, there are at least 5 hours of sunlight a day. In December and January, the sun is not at all.

From this, it becomes obvious why this place is considered a favorite for the objectionable reference power of people in the history of Russia and the Soviet Union. However, Verkhoyansk is trying to revive. Now there were ice hotels and the city is hoping to capitalize on its climate, attracting fans of extreme recreation to enjoy their harsh habitat!

Life in the closet

How well do you really know every nook and cranny of your home? Can you say with certainty that apart from you or your family in it no one else lives? It may sound like the plot of a cheap horror movie, but real people can always develop their potential and become spooky much more terrible than dead!

So, imagine that your house is not settled insect pests or pets of any plan, and the real people unfamiliar to you. 57-year-old Japanese man noticed that he began to disappear food. In surprise he found a surveillance camera to capture something strange. He succeeded with a vengeance, as he found in his apartment lived a stranger. Police discovered that the intruder was a 58-year-old Tatsuko Horikawa (Tatsuko Horikawa). The woman lived in the top of the closet in the apartment of the man! She even managed to drag a comfortable mattress and was taking a shower when the man was not at home! The most amazing thing is that all this went on for a year!


The very name of Greenland's ironic, because greens are incredibly small, but as people. It is the second largest island in the world. Those 57,000 people who live on this island must be truly very hardy. Needless to say, that they share the island with polar bears and burning cold. In many parts of Greenland's people going through three months of continuous sunlight in the summer, and then three months in the winter night.

closed pool Sistan (Sistan Basin), Afghanistan,

Whatever was not icy Greenland, on our planet, there are many places that are the complete opposite of her. One of them is a closed pool of Sistan in Afghanistan. As Greenland is the place is a testament to our influence on the ecosystem of the planet. Previously, it housed wetlands Hamun (Hamoun), fed by the river Helmand (Helmand River). Once upon a time this place was fertile habitat for wildlife and a haven for agriculture. This area became dry up in the 90s because of the merciless drought and irrigation systems. Long years of war in that country also was the reason that this place has not been restored. At the moment, the area, located in the south of the country, has become one of the driest places on earth, despite all the attempts of the United Nations to revive her.

Area Changtang (Changthang Region), Tibetan Plateau

Do not look down! The average altitude of the region reached nearly 5,000 meters! This steppe is the habitat of birds, Tibetan gazelle, wild sheep and nomadic peoples Changpa (Changpa). You need to be a truly brave man to live at such heights. They are not guided by the fear of heights, because they practically live on the side of a mountain.

One room, one place

The family, though descended from the screen of the movie "The Village" completely abandoned from the outside world and settled on the mountain, far away from civilization!

Geologists have got on the Siberian side of the mountain in 1978 and found a family Lykov. The family fled from religious persecution in 1936, during the darkest days of Stalin's regime and settled on a hillside in one room. They survived on potatoes, rye bread and hemp seeds, until the family learned the art of catching animals in the late fifties. Their diet became even more extreme when his mother died in that year, when winter has ruined their crops. They survived by eating tree bark and skin boots.

At the time of detection of the children have not seen a single living human being, in addition to members of his family. Their language was unintelligible, as read to them was only the Bible. What is surprising is that the family would prefer to stay in a small room, after they were discovered. They took a gift some tools and decided to stay on and hermits.


These tropical islands seem a paradise on earth and they really is, but the question is - how long will they stay afloat? Maximum height above sea level, the islands is only 180 centimeters. The archipelago is located in the Indian Ocean, at the mercy of rising sea level. According to recent estimates, it will soon have to go under water. Little House on the St. Lawrence River is one thing, but here the scale is such that one-third of the population was left without a roof over his head after the tsunami of 2004. The capital of the archipelago is the island of Male, which nearly sank in 1987 because of the huge waves. So when the last president was sworn in, he became the first president to make a plan of evacuation of the population consists of 300,000 inhabitants, if the Maldives will become submerged.

House in stone near Fafe (Nas Montanhas de Fafe), Portugal

Have you ever heard the saying "hamstrung"? The small resort in Portugal is the embodiment of this saying, with only one difference is that the house is sandwiched between two boulders. It is possible that the owner of the house and the architect resorted to any giants to roll up stones to the right place as a cheaper alternative to the construction. The house was built in 1974, it is not supplied with electricity, despite the fact that the wind turbine is adjacent! This house has become a permanent tourist destination, despite the fact that some visits are not as friendly as we would like. Due to the fact that the house trying to get a few times, now its windows decorated with bullet-proof glass, and steel.

Tornado Alley (Tornado Corridor), Oklahoma, Tulsa, USA

Interstate 44 (Interstate Corridor 44) passes right next to the Oklahoma and Tulsa. Furthermore, in this part of lives of more than 1 million Americans. However, since 1890 there were more than 120 tornadoes, and May 3, 1999 70 tornadoes swept through Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma. In Oklahoma, a tornado demolished 1700 houses and damaged 6,500 more, which brought the total loss of $ 1 billion. The area was only five years of peace when no one tornado is not swept from 1992 to 1998. In Tulsa 69 tornadoes passed between 1950 and 2006. Despite the fact that the situation is not so terrible in Oklahoma, the city flooded in 1974, 1976 and 1984. Just imagine the frustration and constant care that the place where you live, work and play friends, can be destroyed in minutes. However, it is also a proof of how far people can go in search of happiness.


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