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Every February Time Magazine publishes a portfolio «Great Performances» with the actors of the most discussed, favorite critics, and in some cases - ambiguous, films of the past year, the work of which edition has counted impeccable and memorable. This year, Paola Kudakov made 11 shots of the actors. Some of them, in 2012, took part in the film adaptation of the key moments in history, and a few people have played a real person.

It is always interesting to get acquainted with actors who are so different from their geroev.No is not so simple - each participant received a photo shoot from Paola a role or image that he had to pass:

I was hoping that it would help the actors relax, given the fact that they are so used to playing other lyudey.Paola believes that live in his character, the actors also demonstrate and important part of yourself. This is it just seeks to capture.

Christoph Waltz

Dr. King Schultz in "Django liberation". Nominated for an Oscar in the category "Best Actor»

Quentin Tarantino film genres knows better than any professor of cinematography. He can take genres and play them as a body.

Sally Field

Mary Todd Lincoln in "Lincoln." Nominated for an Oscar in the category "Best Supporting Actress»

It was important to convey the atmosphere of a long marriage between two people with complex emotional issues. If it were not for Mary Todd, there would be Abraham Lincoln. It was a complex and amazing person. And it is well understood in the light of what will go down in history - I understand that people will not remember her with love.

Kvavenzhaney Wallis

Hushpuppy in "Beasts of the Southern Wild". Nominated for an Oscar in the category "Best Actress».

On his reaction to the nomination:

Outside, I looked surprised, but inside was struck.

Naomi Watts

Maria Belon "impossible" - actually there are women who survived during the 2004 tsunami. Nominated for an Oscar in the category "Best Actress».

She was very emotional and to the smallest detail told me everything through what she went through. And all this, step by step, shown on the screen.

Hugh Jackman

Jean Valjean in "Les Miserables." Nominated for an Oscar in the category "Best Actor»

One of the main themes in the work of Victor Hugo was how tough and wasteful prison system was at the time. Her goal was not to rehabilitate the person at the end of the term, the aim has been to prison you came to animals.

Anne Hathaway

Fantine in "Les Miserables." Nominated for an Oscar in the category "Best Supporting Actress»

As a woman, born in 1982, I see many of the rights and freedoms which Fantine could only dream of, like this.

Jessica Chastain

Maya's "Goals number one." Nominated for an Oscar in the category "Best Actress»

Because we are playing characters that exist in reality, it is important in this case to show the infinite respect for them. In this case, Jessica had never met a real girl - CIA analyst, served as the inspiration for her character. It is said that she still carries the service and therefore does not reveal her identity.

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Lancaster Dodd in the "master" - the leader of the cult in the 1950s. Nominated for an Oscar in the category "Best Actor»

This is a film about the relationship between people on an emotional connection. We refer to Ronald L. Hubbard, but it is not L. Ronald Hubbard. Some of my hero's actions are reflected in the life of L. Ronald Hubbard, but there is no strict adherence to facts.

John Goodman

John Chambers in the "Operations" Argo "»

About his character, which is responsible for the make-up for the "Planet of the Apes", created Spock ears and at the same time working for the CIA:

He - the person who serves the country. His double life, a secret life, and at the same time, he earns a living by helping to make people who they are not.

Amy Adams

Peggy Dodd in the "Master" - a faithful wife, devoted herself to her husband's case. Nominated for an Oscar in the category "Best Supporting Actress»

We were in the process of society changes. Women have the responsibility for the war, and after they had to go back to the old routine - the kitchen and take care of your man. The concept of the things available to women in that era was very different.

John Hawkes

Mark O'Brien in "Surrogates". - Journalist, poet and fighter for the rights of persons with disabilities, whose polio left paralyzed.

Mark O'Brien said that people with disabilities to full physical people - invisible. In between takes, I stayed in a medical gurney, and members of the crew immediately covered or sandwiches piled on my clothes, forgetting that I was there. So I felt for myself what it is - when you perceive as furniture.

The total cutting of the interviews with the actors:

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