Dream catch Angela? (24 photos)

Angel in Christmas decorations!
How to catch an angel?
Look, is simple and looks nice)

First you need to make a man with the head of the wire-bead. Do not forget the halo ring. For my ball (6cm) I made man a length of about 3, 5 cm. Next, head, arms and legs should be covered with layers of acrylic nesolko flesh-colored (white + Security + Red).

Need for apparel stripe crepe paper around 15-17sm in length and 3-3, 5 cm in width. One edge of its gold colored acrylic with a brush. When it is dry, gently over the face of the paper nanoshu PVA glue and dipped in the finest gold sequins. From the final paper strips cut off about 1 5-2sm for each sleeve and around 9-12sm for the dress. The same is covered with glitter halo.

Define the desired length sleeves, attaching wire foot, cut off the excess. Then glued together along the sleeves. When dry, they should be is gathered, put on foot man, fluff at the bottom with glue and prizhmat until the glue grabs (maybe it will be easier to do with tweezers).

Just otpredelyaetsya required length dresses, cut off the excess, then it is necessary to glue the strip into the ring as well as the sleeves. Make two cuts where the sleeves are (pictured clear where these places are). Harvesting dresses worn on the figure, but stick it first is necessary only in the meta- cuts - where the foot.

That's how it will look:

When dry, a small amount of glue is attached to the calf dress, thus it is necessary to form small folds. In these folds to hide the main seam, and lay them along the sleeves, if there are traces of cuts and edits. To keep it all tightly bandage wire glue to dry completely.

Rented wire. If there are some pieces of adhesive stick and the like can be given a sharp knife or razor. Bandage angel thread / fishing line - it is necessary to attach the wings and hanging angel in the ball. The ends of the threads should be 15-20 cm in length, the better to work with them.

Head-bead covered with large golden sequins.

On a piece of paper folded in half painted wings, then attach them to the angel, it is necessary to clarify the contours and draw a clean copy.

On top of paper with a picture of the wings ready to put organza. Wire about 10cm in length must be folded in half and sdelayt a small loop in the middle. Then straighten it, following the contours of the outer wings loop must be in the middle, as shown in the photo.

Wire on the outer edge of the picture is glued with glue "Moment Crystal". Then suffered a white contour drawing, you can also sprinkle it with glitter - first one and then the other side of the fabric. When everything is dry, you can cut the wings along the contour paint.

Wings sewn thread, strapping angel through the wire loop, and the need to make a few knots and secure with glue. Then, one end of the cut thread. Be sure to make sewing wings can drip glue on the connection.

Ready sewn wings:

Of thick foil cut out a quarter circle (about 0, 8 cm in radius). With a toothpick twisted workpiece so that poluchitlsya even a narrow cone. Since I did not have gold foil, I additionally covered her golden Potala, but that's the cost of production)))

Horn is attached to the legs of the angel small droplets of super-glue or any other. Everything is ready.

You can already enjoy the result of their labors:-)

Now, the worst and the main point: the lush clothing angel is necessary to lay down, roll straw wings, legs with a pipe to lift up and in a position to push the poor winged creature into a ball.

Using tweezers carefully wings deploy to the normal position to put his hands.

Toothpicks or by the same forceps to reveal the hem, to correct other stuff. After this it is useful to turn the ball and shake out the excess glitter.

Now we can put on the ball cap. I do not like the usual hats Christmas-tree balls, because attaching them up too much space, which in this case to anything. So I used the hat beads (first completely flattened it, and then formed into the desired shape), which is adhered to the ball itself, pre-threading through her pin (pin) of gold wire. From this pin to do a loop for hanging ball, and around its base to fix nesolko nodes thread, locking angel at the correct height.

Now everything is ready:-)


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