Dream catch Angela? (24 photos)

Angel in Christmas decorations!
How to catch an angel?
Look, is simple and looks nice)

First you need to make a man with the head of the wire-bead. Do not forget the halo ring. For my ball (6cm) I made man a length of about 3, 5 cm. Next, head, arms and legs should be covered with layers of acrylic nesolko flesh-colored (white + Security + Red).

Need for apparel stripe crepe paper around 15-17sm in length and 3-3, 5 cm in width. One edge of its gold colored acrylic with a brush. When it is dry, gently over the face of the paper nanoshu PVA glue and dipped in the finest gold sequins. From the final paper strips cut off about 1 5-2sm for each sleeve and around 9-12sm for the dress. The same is covered with glitter halo.

Define the desired length sleeves, attaching wire foot, cut off the excess. Then glued together along the sleeves. When dry, they should be is gathered, put on foot man, fluff at the bottom with glue and prizhmat until the glue grabs (maybe it will be easier to do with tweezers).


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