5 QUOTES billionaires who inspire you

Hard work and dedication really pays off.

Mark Cuban - one of the people who can inspire great things anyone. Not only because his state can only envy, or because he - the owner of a basketball team, "Dallas Mavericks", but also because it is a surprisingly clever and far-sighted man.

Quotes below are not only confirms that what we said above - true, but once again remind us that hard work and dedication really pays off.

1. "Work as if someone, somewhere, is open 24 hours a day in the hope you beat».
Every life has a beginning and an end. So have things in your life. Once you succeed in incredible what decide to devote his entire life. But though you might be hard to imagine this day, to fight for it to come, we must start now.

Yes, you have until it can not be work, internships or grant, of which you dream, but now you have at least something. Remember that no one can predict all the twists of their own destiny - that you have, it may end in, or someone can take it from you. At any time. If you lower your hands, you are sure to find someone willing to work at least a little better than you, so try to always give a full - no matter what you do.

This mental attitude will help you to always stay ahead of your competitors at least a half-step, and eventually grow over them.

2. "Do not only dream, but also to do».
In childhood and adolescence we are constantly saying that we should not stop dreaming our dreams must be real, and that they should believe. But we is not so often reminded of that just to dream a little. We must still try to realize their dreams in life.

Dreams - it's just our thoughts, no more and no less. And our actions much more fruitless dreams. Our actions - that at least a little, but it is changing the world around us, and sometimes affects people in different ways.

Do you dream of becoming a doctor? Enrolled in medical school, and then everything is in your hands. Do you dream to become a politician? Select the part of the soul enter into its local office, if not try to find like-minded people, and to establish his own. Do you dream of becoming a writer? Well, write, until it starts to turn out, and sent written to the publisher until your work will not begin to print.

Our actions are having on our lives far more influence than we usually think. And if you spend all your time in your dreams, you will never know what you can do if you take for the cause.

3. "Whether the glass is half empty or half full. The main thing is that the water in it is you pour ».
No matter how the problem will be your life, you will always be a power over your emotions, decisions and views of the world. So try not to get too hung up on how empty or full of your life and the lives of others. Remember, it is important to believe that you and only you decide how much water to pour into the proverbial glass.

Your reaction to another failure on the job, betrayal of a loved one or death of a relative can make you see the glass of your life is almost empty - but in fact only you can decide how much of it water.

4. "When I see how people are doing something the way it has always been done, as it is" supposed "to do, go through the same well-trodden path, not even trying to turn aside - well, for me it is a sure sign that they were not worth having affairs ».
Life is very easily become monotonous, repetitive and habitual. And this routine quagmire we can easily suck the head. Look for new opportunities, even if they pulled you out of your comfort zone. Take a chance! Try to find a job that will force you to constantly change, grow and evolve.

Surround yourself with people who love novelty, and not following the beaten paths. Do not be afraid to grab for the unusual, untested, or even a little strange ideas.

We are accustomed from childhood to think that it is bad - doing something wrong, like everyone else, in fact, "not as" unusual and new employment opportunities and often provide us with the best potential for the development of our personalities. Life is too short to live it, not afraid to be like everyone else. Be whoever you want, and to hell with the haters.

5. "Every" no "brings me to the" yes ».
Only heard the word "no", many of us have believed that failed. We can hear it in different ways: in the form of a failed exam, in the form of interviews, after which you will not have to work, or a man who constantly tells you "you do not come out." Sometimes this one word is enough, so we gave up and retreated - but would not hear it again.

However, the "no" - it is not a defeat. It's an opportunity a step closer to "yes", which you seek. Never let any "no" knock you to your chosen path.

Every "no" - a part of your story, and if you continue to work, sooner or later they will lead you to such a "yes" that may be even better than the opportunities that crossed out "no."


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