Eccentric billionaires

December 24, 1905 was born the first official and highly eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes. To this date, we have decided to recall our time Mad unusual billionaires billionaire
December 24, 1905 was born the first official and highly eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes. It takes literally everything: drilled oil wells, open a casino, it contained airline. But his main passion was the technical invention.

As a young Hughes had been ill with syphilis, many crashes during testing of new technology and its impact on health. In 1946, he became addicted to morphine. With age, the disease increased. Hughes could not stand bright light, avoided people, and behaved very strangely. In 1938, Louisiana was detained ragged. It is more than a week wandering around the state, I spent the night on the street and begging. Beggar claimed that his name was Howard Hughes. It was true. If friends are not identified Howard, he could well be in prison. Even after Howard crazy, he remained at the helm of his empire. Abnormal billionaire More for 15 years solely to manage their business, and very successfully.


Billionaire animating dinosaurs
The summer of 2012 the Australian coal magnate, owner of Mineralogy, Clive Palmer announced his intention to build in the vicinity of Brisbane is a real Jurassic Park, inhabited by dinosaurs. To revive them he was going with the help of cloning technology, as the DNA of prehistoric dinosaurs could easily survive in organisms frozen in the resin of ancient blood-sucking insects. But scientists react to his idea skeptical and said that finding a viable genetic material will fail. As a result, the entrepreneur decided to stay on a real project and build a park with mechanical dinosaurs. He also invested millions of dollars in reconstruction of "Titanic" in 2016 and plans to release the water counterpart of legendary liner.


The billionaire, who offered to walk naked in front of President
In 2010, the British multimillionaire founder of the site FilmOn Alki David launched the site, which offers users the camera to record their insane acts and spread to the network in exchange for a monetary reward. To whet your interest in the new resource, David promised 100 thousand dollars to anyone who will walk naked in front of Barack Obama. As more hype around David's first venture was not observed, he increased the size of the prize of one million dollars. A couple of months after the start of the contest New Yorker Juan Rodriguez tried his luck in the fight for a million, but almost immediately fell into the hands of policemen and has not been seen Obama.


Billionaire pursuing US President
The election for the presidency of Barack Obama, the candidate of the Democratic Party, was left to one more media magnate - the owner of the casino Taj Mahal and the founder of the beauty contest "Miss Universe" Donald Trump, who is known to support Republicans. In an effort to discredit Obama Trump reached before that posted on YouTube a video message addressed to him provocative: the billionaire promised to donate $ 5 million to charity if the Head of State will publish documents related to his studies at Columbia University, as well as an application for a passport. According to Trump, the data could have a significant impact on the course of the race: the businessman wanted to prove that in any university, Obama has not been studied, and the passport was in Kenya, and therefore has no right to be president of the United States. Obama, however, has not shown much interest in the deal, describing it as an attempt by Trump to attract attention and provide service Mitt Romney.


Billionaire tramp
German-American Nicolas Berggryuen - founder of Berggruen Holdings - enjoying all the pleasures of the life of a wealthy man: buy apartments, cars, rare art objects. But after he turned 45 years, the billionaire understood that wealth no longer gives him pleasure. By focusing on the spiritual and intellectual development, Berggryuen quickly sold all the property, including the elite real estate, and is now officially the number of homeless. He travels the world stops at various hotels and seldom appears in the office, preferring to work remotely. Businessman tramp recognizes that freedom-loving by nature, he does not want to take on extra responsibility - even if we are talking about things.


Billionaire looking for life on Mars
Paul Allen - the co-founder of the corporation Microsoft - childhood fond of science fiction, and richer, first began collecting artifacts case. Today his collection includes Captain Kirk's chair from the TV series "Star Trek" and the exoskeleton, in which Sigourney Weaver starred in the film "Alien." In addition, the entrepreneur has invested more than $ 30 million to the creation of a special system of telescopes designed to detect extraterrestrial intelligence. In his submission to the northeast of San Francisco established dozens of ultra-sensitive antennas that can pick up signals sent thinking beings from other planets. Allen believes that by 2025 humanity will incontrovertible proof that life on Mars is still there.


The billionaire using public transport
Economy billionaire - the phenomenon is not so rare. General Director of the holding company Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett lives in an old house, and the oil magnate J. Paul Getty in his time withheld money for the ransom kidnapped grandson. But all this is minor compared to the tight-fisted Ingvar Kamprad - the founder of IKEA. The richest Swede basically use public transport, and always makes pension certificate - to get the benefits of travel. The mission he stops in modest hotels, and if the rate includes breakfast, eats for the future - not to have to spend money on restaurants. Kamprad We have a reason to take care of the money: in the late XIX century, his grandfather could not pay debts and shot himself.


The billionaire, who is trying to create the perfect society
The billionaire founder of the payment system PayPal, president of hedge fund Clarium Capital Peter Thiel - supporter of libertarian philosophy, he believes that every person has the right in its sole discretion to dispose of their lives and property. For those who share his views, the billionaire decided to create "islands of freedom" - floating autonomous mini-state that will drift in the oceans. The project was a businessman ordered the organization Seastealing Institue and personally sponsoring its activities. Thiel expects that 2019 will be the first island where there is a place for 270 people. They will form the basis of an ideal society, and will decide for themselves what kind of government they like, what laws and how to obey the moral norms to follow.


Billionaire with a dog
Leona Helmsley - the owner of the hotel chain Helmsley Hotels - went down in history under the nickname Queen of avarice. Unlike other billionaire cheapskate herself she in no way denied, but absolutely did not want to give money to their loved ones. The only creature to which it has spared no resources were Maltese named Trouble. In 2007, Helmsley died, leaving behind a very original testament of 12 million dollars from her savings to get your beloved dog. Two of the four grandchildren inherited billionaire for $ 5 million, and two remained without any penny. However, subsequently sued by relatives of Helmsley Trouble $ 10 million, proving that at the time of making a will the old woman was not himself.


Billionaire stewardess
The founder of Virgin Group Richard Branson never tires of surprising the public outrageous antics. In May 2013 Branson surpassed himself and turned into a stewardess. The billionaire did not do it on his own, he lost a bet AirAsia owner Tony Fernandes. Employers argued, whose team "Formula 1" will reach the end of the season with higher rates. Good luck changed Branson, and he was forced to wear the uniform and serve passengers on the flight to Perth - Kuala Lumpur. However, the billionaire could enjoy even such seemingly humiliating venture: the six-hour flight, he rejoiced and posed for a photo correspondent.




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