We all know the names of the "stars" of the global business arena. But not everyone knows that in addition to the talent of a businessman in them lie large strangeness. One salary $ 1 a year, the other in general the youngest billionaire in the world, and living in spartan conditions.

Mark Zuckerberg, for example, lives in an apartment in which a minimal amount of furniture. You can, of course, called the youngest billionaire miser, but how can we explain the fact that half of his fortune, he gave to charity? In addition, Mark - a lover of bikes and sleep until noon. If an important meeting scheduled for early time too, but he did not get enough sleep, then Zuckerberg may simply not come. Also, he may adjourn the meeting due date with a girl.

Mark walks in jeans and dresses in a rare normal official costume. In this case, Zuckerberg likes to different conventions. For example, while he made his company's employees to sing along with him anthem. Then he gave up, but now makes listening to its employees a variety of quotes from books and movies in his own performance. And from his past know that Mark called fellow developers on fencing duels without any apparent reason.

Steve Jobs, the director of Apple Inc, a man without a higher education, but one of the most successful and wealthy businessmen in the market of IT. At the same time he entered the record books as the head of a very small salary, only $ 1 a year. Amateur calligraphy, the study of which he spent a lot of time, love eccentric behavior: for example, order a Starbucks latte cups and four thousand with me.

Or here's another fact. In the list numbering employees Steve stands at number 0 (he wanted it). And the same outfit are his black turtleneck, jeans and sneakers. Fortune magazine calls Steve biggest "egomaniac". Even eating Jobs excelled. He pesketrianets - do not eat meat of warm-blooded animals, but sometimes eats seafood.

By the way, with the participation of Jobs and Gates network go quite interesting and humorous pictures.

Caterina Fake, co-founder of Flickr - popular among bloggers and photographers resource. Katerina - woman (and thus attractive), and this in itself is unusual in the IT-sphere. In addition to this photo site, a woman with "the fake" name refers also to many others, for example, Hunch. In his blog, Katherine wrote that her interest reading, dogs, poems, insulating tape, hand-made and weather. What is interesting in electrical tape, personally I do not understand.

Jeff Bezos founded the online store Amazon.com. Jeff is known for his turretless but meticulous in business. Combine incongruous, apparently, in the blood of talented people. Loves math and straight lines. And still wants any job in his company performed a group & quot; ≤ 2 Pizza & quot ;. That is, to all participants in the work could be fed by two pizzas. I just wonder, two pizzas a day or two pizzas in general for all the work in the group?

Steven Ballmer, served as CEO of Microsoft, is known for his hatred of the products Apple, is the main competitor of the corporation. And it is especially annoying iPhone: once he took and threw the phone at his employee. His performances are always a hit Youtube. He shouting «Developers!», Strange dance. Then relentlessly and without stopping lists dignity first Windows for $ 99.

Seth Pribach - founder of the highly successful software developer for smartphones SCVNGR. Him a little more than 20 years. As a child, differed not only intelligence and talent, but also strange. For example, in the mile, in which he won, after crossing the finish line Seth immediately lay down and fell asleep, because "tired and bored." However, now eccentricities were not over. His business card kindly informs that Seth - "chief ninja" of SCVNGR, and his cabinet entirely lined with modelka cars. It differs in clothes: employees never saw him without orange points on the head and shoes.


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