Colorful water

Artist Mark Mawson London dripped paint into the water and filmed the result of the camera.
"Most of all I like the picture with blue" fungi ".
This is one of my first shots, "- says Mark.

Some people see in this picture poisonous toadstools, others - "fungus" after a nuclear explosion, but this and other photos - just a photo of paint that had fallen into the water. (MARK MAWSON / BARCROFT MEDIA)

Mark specializes in underwater photography. (MARK MAWSON / BARCROFT MEDIA)

For these shots, he just picked up a paint of different colors and poured it into the water, taking the result of the camera. (MARK MAWSON / BARCROFT MEDIA)

The difference in the density of different types of inks creates incredible variety of forms in water. (MARK MAWSON / BARCROFT MEDIA)

His work has been seen by art lovers from Hong Kong, and Mark hopes to make of these pictures a new picture book. (MARK MAWSON / BARCROFT MEDIA)

"I have received excellent feedback on their work. Viewers can see in my photos all sorts of things, it all depends on perception, "- says Mark. (MARK MAWSON / BARCROFT MEDIA)

Mark needs to be alert at all times and be ready in time to press the button, because these forms dissolve rapidly in water. (MARK MAWSON / BARCROFT MEDIA)

"This is a very time-consuming process, but the result is worth it." (MARK MAWSON / BARCROFT MEDIA)

Here is a snapshot of the fungus resembles especially after a nuclear explosion. (MARK MAWSON / BARCROFT MEDIA)

And here is the author of photographer Mark Mawson. (MARK MAWSON / BARCROFT MEDIA)

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