Hats for Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby - one of the major sporting events in the city Luzvill and throughout Kentucky. And not just because you can put on favorites to win, and see interesting races. Oh, no! The main charm of the derby for several years are considered to be ... hats!

The parade of hats at the races Royal Ascot (35 photos)

Kentucky Derby 2009 (29 photos)

1. From left to right: Amanda Lear, Amada Griffith and Sarah Kaucher communicate before the derby. (Mark Humphrey / AP)

2. Spectators come to the podium. (James Crisp / AP)

3. Lori Shelton in his posh lush hat. (Elsa / Getty Images)

4. Fans rest before the derby. (Jayme Price / Getty Images)

5. Kimberly Scott (left) chats with his girlfriend before the derby. (Michael Conroy / AP)

6. Sandy Cousins ​​glasses in the shape of a horseshoe - just for the derby. (Mark Humphrey / AP)


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