Roller Derby in London

A few days ago in London hosted the annual championship roller derby. Many of us have never heard about this sport. Roller Derby - a female contact team sport in which the race on roller skates accompanied by clashes and peculiar struggle. This sport is part of a youth subculture of punk rock.

From the match on roller derby looks like the race on roller skates with hockey power devices and elements of American football (but without the ball). The game is widely used lock housing. Although roller derby is strictly prohibited wrestling holds and punches and kicks, collision hulls are tough power struggle. No wonder the game called "Fight» (bout), and the main element of roller derby - "collision» (jam). Despite the fact that participation in a brawl punishable by penalties, spontaneous fights on the track - not a rarity, because the game is emotional, contacts and ... women. In fact, it is a mystery why such a tough game turned into a purely women's sports ...


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