Classification of gambling on the Internet - basic concepts

Gambling games have a very rich history. For all time of their existence there were many trends in the entertainment industry. In this article we will try in a compressed format to talk about how developed gambling and how they were integrated in an online casino

Gambling concepts and terminology

A large number of entertainment resulted in education of many of the terms that are often used. According to Most of them came from the English language, others have come up with themselves gamblers, so Russian terms is also widely spread in the gaming space. We consider the most common concepts in the world of gambling.

The probability of winning or losing

All game are divided into three types.

  • Gambling.

Them are those in which the art of the player can affect the winning. It all depends on the case. These include roulette, pontoon, Seca, Pharaoh, and others.

  • Prestigious.

They all depend directly on the skill and dexterity of the gambler. These include sports and intellectual – chess, checkers, tug of war.

  • Commercial.

Here are the main factors of victory in the luck and skills. They are based on drawing and uploading combinations – debertz, whist, bridge, Repik, and others.

The number of players

If the game involves 3 or more people – they are considered collective. They can be played in teams or every man for himself. If the part takes two people – they are individual. They have no possibilities to sit, you always need to withstand combat.

Types of players

Gamblers are divided into several types – the punter and cash machines. The punter often bet against the Bank, while cash machines and Bank holding a sword (pass) card.

Adversary – those who make bids, after having first developed a strategy for victory. As part of their strategy they gain an advantage over the casino or other players, and can equalize the chances in the game. Such people choose adative entertainment blackjack, poker.

They can be divided and the amount at stake.

Whales, those that play to the maximum. They are called highrollers.

Lo roller (or grind roller) is a gambler who plays the minimum values.

Key terms

Account – personal account of the gambler in online casino (casino, betting, poker room), which the player can Deposit or withdraw the money.

Bet – a bet on the line.

Bet on equal chances the payout could reach 1 to 1. Such bets are in roulette, baccarat, craps and others.

Gambler – a person who gambles.

Wagering requirements – level factors to the proposed bonus from an online casino that you must bet according to the rules of the club, to withdraw the received bonus.

A progressive jackpot that is accumulated as a percentage depending on the number of bets by all players. Jackpots can also be fixed.

This is a common terminology, which will help the novice gamblers to understand the specifics and deal with the basic concepts for a successful start of the game.


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