Shelves (archival) and rack systems

ready - made and solid metal structures of different sizes, specifications and packaging. Designed for installation in any room and storage on their piece of items and liquids in containers.

The company offers you various options for metal shelves, the use of which can be found in the trade, business, warehouse business, medicine, libraries or archives. Produced by our shelves have several advantages: they are strong, quickly assembled and disassembled for transport, height and number of shelves are defined by the customer, a wide range of design options able to meet almost all requirements.

Office, library and archive shelving have neat appearance, a few color options, perfectly fit into the design of office space, keep records on them convenient, because many folders and paper are always at hand. Also, you can appreciate the archival cabinets with enhanced strength and durability.

For the storage of drugs and documentation of our products are ideally suited as perfectly clean and subjected to sterilization without damage to the appearance and functionality.

Warehouse and shop shelves we presented in a wide range and are suitable for storing a variety of piece goods: the small size, and volume. You can also buy archive shelving. Durable metal racks and shelves to successfully withstand considerable weight and adjustable distance between the shelves will allow the most efficient use of the entire area of ​​the warehouse or store, to be sealed or dispersing the shelves in each rack.


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