Metal storage racks of all kinds from the manufacturer with warranty and delivery

Forty one million three hundred eight thousand two hundred twenty

Lightweight, long-length goods, Packed in cartons or pallets are easy to store on the shelves. For each room metal construction are selected:
  • dimensions;
  • payload;
  • configuration;
  • type of goods to fill the shelves.

The company "1001Стеллаж" offers a ready-made storage systems and accept individual requests from clients. On any of the products presented on the website sets the most competitive prices. Clients get design, made on the best equipment with the usage of the inspected material. The timing for the execution of the order and require the most minimal.


Varieties of shelving from proizvoditelyami light and sought-after are considered archival shelving. You can use them in commercial purposes, libraries, offices, warehouses. The height of such systems is 1.5-3.0 m, and the shelves designed for the weight of 80-150 kg. the Model is always available and the cheapest cost the cost:
  • the shelves are attached at the toe or bolts;
  • the distance between the levels the user can set by himself;
  • design quickly assembled and disassembled for transportation.

The archive storage system with a light weight.

Small piece goods, components, hardware, spare parts, a better place on the mezzanine racks. With their help, will rationally use all space of the warehouse, even if it's a garage or small store room. Offered in assortment of designs, there are 2-5 storey. Their shelves are rated for the weight of cargo up to 1 t Such equipment will be profitable to buy Shoe factories, garages.

Store goods on pallets pallet racks allow front loading. Such systems are installed in hangar spaces, malls, large warehouses. Each level allows loading products weighing up to 2 tons. On individual request, the design is equipped with side protective panels, holders, dividers, limiters.

Attention! If products a longer shelf life, these pallets are best placed in a padded deep racks.

Long boards, pipes, profiles, store or place in the exhibition halls on consoles. These racks consist of a powerful stands, consoles, additional stiffeners. Are one - and two-way. Supplemented by the limiters of displacement of the goods.

Even at maximum load you will be comfortable to get a product with gravity of the rack. Movable shelves on rollers and guide rails will supply the necessary products to the dispatch area. And if you want to save money on construction warehouse, then install the self-supporting storage system. They can be equipped with roofs and side consoles.

Its own production and established cervids of manufacture of each of the rack prepare the specification, takes account of customer requirements, norms, Standards and specifications. Be sure the load is calculated, is determined by the cost of the finished product. In the list of services includes delivery and installation at the client. Operation guarantee storage products attached.



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