How to choose a consulting company?

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If your business have you noticed some flaws and problems, you need a 1C professional programmer in Lviv. It is best to seek the assistance of a consulting company. Not to be mistaken in its choice, necessary to take into account primarily the following criteria: experience of employees, client base, quality of service, prices for services. Do not immediately believe the super high ratings in online publications or other media. You can pay attention to the feedback from previous customers.

So, before you call and order the service of business consulting you need to collect the maximum amount of information about this company. Visit her page on the Internet to determine how much time she provides such services, ask the personnel structure and to highlight its basic principles.

Selection criteria the consulting firm:
  1. Experience is one of the most important success criteria, so it is better to avoid beginners consulting. It is best to choose that firm which is working in this field for more than 5-10 years, and more than ten – this means already established a clear strategy and a large customer base.
  2. Employees of the company. The key to success – advice of qualified professionals, therefore it is necessary to know more about the consultants. Information about them can be posted on the site or personally at the meeting to ask experience and qualifications.
  3. Customers. The list of clients exactly put on the website of the company, as it is for them the pride and the outcome measure. If there is no information about it, you should think about the experience of this company.
  4. Cost. And, of course, the decisive criterion is the price, especially for managers of small businesses. Every company prices largely differ from each other, so to determine the precise rate of such advice is almost impossible. Of course the price would match the quality of service and experience. So, do not neglect savings.

The next step is a phone call and personal meeting with the consultants. Here you can ask questions about methods and principles of work. After the talks you will be able to decide with whom to deal.

In Lviv one of the most prestigious of these is the consulting company "IT Consulting". The company more than 7 years providing consulting services, there is a team of professionals who raised the business with the most unsolvable problems.


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