The company names. And who invented them (28 pics + text)

Adidas - German industrial company specializing in the production of sports shoes, clothing and equipment.
Named in honor of one of the founders Adi Daslera.
Shortly after the First World War, in the early 1920 Dassler the family council decided to organize a family business - sewing shoes. The first product family Dassler had shoes for training athletes - runners. The material for them is decommissioned military uniforms, and the soles cut from old tires.


volume of sales in 2006 amounted to 10, 1 billion euros (53% more than in 2005), net profit - 483 million euro (up 26%), taking into account performance of the company Reebok. Sales in Russia are tentatively estimated at $ 400-500 million.


Adobe - named after the river Adobe Creek, which flowed behind the house of founder John Warnock founded in December 1982
In 2007, in Adobe Systems has more than 6048 employees, at least half of them work in San Jose. The company has major offices in Seattle, Noida (India) and Ottawa (Canada). Less important branches are placed under the Minneapolis (MN) and Hamburg (Germany).
The company is a leading manufacturer of software for graphic design, publishing, Web and print products with annual revenues approaching $ 2 billion.
Revenues for the fiscal year ended December 1, 2006 - $ 2, 58 billion, net profit - $ 505, 8 million. Capitalizing on July 30, 2007 - $ 23, 9 billion.


Apache - Web server is open source. Since April 1996 is the most popular HTTP-server on the Internet; In August 2007, he worked for 51% of all web servers.
The main advantages of Apache are considered the reliability and flexibility of configuration. It allows you to connect external modules to provide data, use the database for user authentication, modify the error messages, and so on. D. Supports IPv6.
The disadvantage of most is the lack of a convenient standard interface for the administrator.
Initially the company was engaged in the supply of patches to programs. From this occurred A PAtCHy, which was transformed into Apache.


Cisco - short for San Francisco.
One of the most successful companies in the Internet era, the first to produce only the corporate routing equipment. Cisco currently produces a wide variety of devices, such as:
Ethernet Switches
Products for IP-telephony such as IP PBX, VoIP-gateways
Network security devices such as firewalls and VPN-concentrator
Platforms optical switching
Cable modems
Universal Gateways and Gateway remote access
Switches Storage Area Network (SAN, Storage Area Network)
Network Management Software


Compaq - from Comp and paq (small integrated detail)
It founded in 1982. Some time Compaq was the largest supplier of computers in the world. In 1980 Compaq one of the first to produce inexpensive IBM PC compatible computer. The company ceased independent existence in 2002 when it was merged with HP.


Apple - favorite fruit of founder Steve Jobs. After three months of fruitless attempts to find a name for a new business, he put his partner an ultimatum: "I will call the company Apple, if a 5-hours you do not offer the best." Apples Macintosh - the name of the varieties of apples sold in the United States.
Until January 9, 2007 the official name of the corporation for more than 30 years was «Apple Computer». The refusal of the word «Computer» in the title demonstrates the shift of the main focus of the corporation with the traditional computer market it on the consumer electronics market.


Canon - after Kwanon, the Buddhist god of mercy. It was changed to Canon, to avoid the protests of religious organizations
The company traces its history to the founding in 1933 of the optical laboratory, which occupied a room on the 3rd floor of a building in Tokyo Takikawa. The laboratory was opened jointly by the two young men: Goro Yoshida and his son in law Saburo Uchida. Her task was to manufacture high-end cameras, no worse than the German model, which was at that time the most advanced. They began exploring the mechanisms of existing cameras. Sponsored these studies Takeci Mitarai close friend of Uchida, who later became president of the company.


Casio - in honor of the founder companies do Tadao Kashio.
The story goes that the company Casio, more precisely, in those years Kashio Seisakujo, was set up in Mitaka, Tokyo in April days in 1946 by Mr. Tadao Kashio, who had until then to earn a reputation as a skilled turner, and after Waseda Koshu Gakko (now Waseda University) - inventive engineer.
All great start small: one of the first mass-produced products of the company Mr. Kashio began ... Yubiwa Pipe - original cigarette holder that allowed was finishing a cigarette almost to the last crumb of tobacco (which, in the post-war ravaged Japan was more than true) and it does not burn your fingers ( I understand that in our country at this time with the same purpose of circumventing "Belomoro" and "North", who abruptly - sipping "Flor Herzegovina", although not in order to save some tobacco).


Corel - in honor of company founder Michael Copeland. It was founded in 1985. Stands COwpland REsearch Laboratory (Research Laboratory Copeland)
During the technology boom of the 1990s, the company has achieved great success with the product CorelDRAW and for some time even became the largest software developer in Canada.


Daewoo - the company founder Kim Woo Chong called the company modestly, "Great Universe" is the translation from Korean.
Daewoo appeared in 1967 in South Korea, and the profile of the company is trade in textiles. In 1978, together with Daewoo of General Motors opened the company «Daewoo Motor Co. Ltd », with headquarters in Seoul. In 1995 the company «Daewoo» begins to sell automobiles Nexia and Espero in Europe.
Already in 1996, Daewoo has three major centers in England, Germany and Korea. In 1997, began producing cars Lanos, Nubira and Leganza. Brand Daewoo cars begin to produce in Ukraine, Romania, Poland and Uzbekistan. In 2001, as a result of financial difficulties the company Daewoo fully buys concern General Motors. In 2002, instead of Daewoo formed «GM-Daewoo Auto & Technology».


Fuji - after the highest mountain in Japan, Mount Fuji.
Fujifilm - a Japanese company that manufactures photo equipment and other goods.
Fuji Television - Japanese television network.
Fujitsu - Japanese computer company


Google - the name comes from the word Googol, which means one followed by 100 zeros. But Google had written on the check, which the founders of this project (of which, incidentally, a former Russian - Sergey Brin) received from the first investor. Then they called the search engine exactly.


HP (Hewlett-Packard) - founders Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard threw a coin to decide whose name will be the first in the title. As you know, won the Bill.
HP is a global supplier of key technologies for corporate customers and end users. The company's offerings span IT infrastructure, personal computing and access devices, system integration services, service support and outsourcing, as well as devices and printing images for large enterprises, small and medium businesses.
In 2002, HP merged with Compaq, becoming the world leader in sales of personal computers.


Hitachi - Japanese rassvet- one of the world's largest conglomerates.
Founded in 1910 The company is headquartered in Tokyo.
The first product of the company were three motor 5 HP


Honda - The company was founded 24 September 1948, the founder - Soichiro Honda.
International industrial company primarily known as a manufacturer of cars.
Up to 60-ies Honda has not engaged in the automobile industry, specializing in the production of motorcycles. The company's decision to withdraw the car market was very disapproving greeted by the Japanese government, as it was believed that Honda, competing in the world market with Toyota, Datsun (Nissan) and Mitsubishi, in the end harm the interests of the country. However, government pressure has been ignored by management.


Hotmail - was founded by Jack Smith and Sabir Bhatia in 1995 g.Dzheku Smith got the idea to access e-mail via the web from anywhere in the world. When Sabir Bhatia came up with the business of the service, he went through all the words ending in «mail» and eventually settled on hotmail, because there were letters in the name of HTML (the markup language of web pages).


Hyundai - the largest automaker in South Korea, and the seventh in the world.
Korean "present" (time)
Founded in 1967, was part of a group (chaebol) Hyundai, from which it was spun off in 2003. In 1998, Hyundai has absorbed Korean carmaker Kia Motors. In 2000 the company entered into a strategic alliance with DaimlerChrysler.


Intel - The company was founded by Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore in 1969 after being gone from the company Fairchild Semiconductor. They soon joined by Andy Grove. After much deliberation, the founders named the company Intel.Bob Noyce and Gordon Moore wanted to name the company Moore Noyce, but by then it would already exist hotel chain with the same name. So they decided to stay on the reduction of INTegrated ELectronics.
Success came to the company in 1971, when Intel began a collaboration with the Japanese company Busicom. Intel received an order for twelve ASICs, but at the suggestion of the engineer Ted Hoff company has developed a versatile microprocessor Intel 4004. The performance of this processor is comparable to the performance of powerful computers of that time. Next it was developed Intel 8008.


Kodak - The company was founded in 1881 godu- K - favorite character George Eastman, the founder of the company. He searched for words beginning and ending of this wonderful letter. Especially because in all alphabets «K» spelled the same way. In the end, Kodak has been selected, it is alleged that sound makes the camera when shooting.
Eastman in 1886 designed and patented camera-box standard roller coil designed for forty-eight negatives measuring 4 by 5 inches, with focusing optics, and what he called "the gate alligator", which does not work well. Two years later, he developed an excellent time for the amateur camera and gave birth to the word which has since become synonymous with the word "Camera" - "Kodak." The camera "Kodak" was a small box (hence the name "detective camera"), a little more than 6 inches in length, 3, 5 inches wide and less than 4 inches in height. Since it could not work, anyone who, as written in the instructions, it is capable of: 1. Point the camera. 2. Press the button. 3. Turn the key. 4. pull the cord.
"Kodak» № 1 was not a tiny camera. It had a lens that passed diameter circular image 2, 25 inches to the film. 100 placed on the roller frames. When the whole movie has been fully exposed, the camera sends the mail back to Eastman, who returned the camera charged with new negatives and sent a hundred prints, pasted on cardboard (or as many prints as were suitable negatives) obtained from the first movie - and it's all worth it $ 10. But at the initial purchase cost camera charged $ 25. Each buyer became a passionate enthusiast.
George Eastman's slogan - "You press the button - we do the rest" - explains the emergence of the first public art that has gained worldwide popularity.


Konica - previously known as Konishiroku Kog


Microsoft - MICROcomputer SOFTware. Originally written as Micro-Soft. Then dash removed.
It all began in the last century, back in 1975, when Paul Allen and Bill Gates, reading published January 1, 1975 in the journal «Popular Electronics» an article about a new PC the Altair 8800, developed a language interpreter for Basic. A month later, on 1 February 1975, it signed a license agreement with Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS), the manufacturer of the PC, on the use of Basic in the composition of software for Altair. In the same year, Bill Gates in a letter to Allen suggested the name for their company - Micro-Soft (a hyphenated). His first year of the new company, which employs three people, has a turnover of $ 16 005. The history of Microsoft development is addressed in the movie "Pirates of Silicon Valley».


Mitsubishi - Mitsubishi company was founded in the early 1870s Yataro Iwasaki. From the merger of the founding family crests there world-famous brand Mitsubishi - three diamonds (it is translated from the Japanese "Mitsubishi"). In the early 20th century, Mitsubishi turned into a huge company, which until the end of the Second World War belonged to the same family.
After the war ended in 1946 under pressure from allies derzhatelskaya honsya Mitsubishi company was reorganized. Instead, companies appeared 44 independent firms. In 2005 it merged with Sanwa keiretsu.
The turnover of all the group companies Mitsubishi, if you combine them into a single balance, 10% of Japan's GDP.
The company is considering the possibility of creating joint ventures in Russia and own productions. A possible option - a joint venture for the production of industrial automation in St. Petersburg, and the company is looking for partners - engineering companies.
Mitsubishi Electric entered the Russian market around 1997. In 2006, the Russian company sold projection equipment worth about 15 million dollars. According to the report, market research firm IT-Research, Mitsubishi Electric was ranked third in terms of sales of multimedia projectors in Russia for the first quarter of 2007.


Nintendo - a composite of 3eh Japanese kanji «Nin-ten-do», which can be translated as "Heaven bless the hard work»
History of Nintendo began in 1889.
Fusadziro Yamauchi (grandfather of the president of Nintendo Hiroshi Yamauchi, turning it into a game publishing) began his business in Kyoto, Japan. Then the company called Marufuku and produced hanafuda playing cards in a special Japanese style.
In 1907 the company changed its name to Nintendo Koppai and began selling the cards already beyond Kyoto.


Nokia - The history of the company is considered to be 1865 when mining engineer Fredrik Idestam founded in Tampere, in southwestern Finland, a small paper mill.


Yahoo - a word coined by Jonathan Swift in his book "Gulliver's Travels." So called repulsive, disgusting man. The founders of «Yahoo!» Jerry Yang (Jerry Yang) and David Filo (David Filo) chose this name because I called themselves yahoo'mi. Now, however, the name stands for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.


Xerox - The inventor Chestor Carlson wanted to reflect in the title the word "dry" (because at that time there were only wet copying). «Xer» - dry in Greek.
Xerox Corporation was founded in 1906 in the United States under the name «Haloid Company» and initially engaged in the production of photographic paper. In 1947, it acquired the patent copier.


Toyota - after the founder Sakichi Toyoda. Later it changed to a blagozvochnoe Toyota. Japanese consisted of 8 letters (a lucky number in Japan).
The beginning of the history of Toyota can be considered in 1933, when the company Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, which had originally no relation to vehicles engaged in the textile industry and opened the car department. He opened his elder son of the owner of the company Kiichiro Toyoda, subsequently, led car of Toyota to world fame. The initial capital for the development of the first cars became the money raised in the sale of patent rights on spinning machines British company Platt Brothers.


SONY - old name of "Tokyo Research Laboratory»
History of SONY began in May 1946, when a talented businessman Akio Marita and Masaru Ibuka young engineer in Tokyo, opened a small shop of radio components. "Tokyo Research Laboratory," as named their company companions, the first time produced devices, seldom find a buyer. The first success of the company is the development and serial production of short-wave radios to the consoles.
Akio Marita from the beginning tried to build the company's development strategy in the production of the most modern, technologically advanced and popular products. Forces Engineers workshop conducted numerous studies and results and discoveries with the move to introduce into production. So in 1951 it was established Japan's first cassette, and in 1957 - the transistor, largely determined the further development of Japanese electronics.
Akio Masaru Ibuka and Marita aware of the opportunity to enter the world market and is committed to it by all means. In taking steps to implement his dream companions attaches great importance to the company's image.


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