How to trick your brain

Interesting ways to trick your brain without the aid of drugs.

1 way (for Ping Pong Balls)
Glued itself to his eyes half ball for table tennis, set up radio waves from the static hiss, and a few minutes before you start to be heard strange voices or strange visions come

Method 2 (pain killers)
If you hurt something (such as a finger on the hand) - look at it through reversed binoculars. After some time you will feel that the reduction in the finger and hurts less) 3 Way (The fake hand)
If you have a fake hand (eg dummy), try to make a
One hand hide under the table, remove the second box, which is on the table (see. Figure)
Fake put his hand so that you see it as you would have seen his real hand. Look at her.
Teammate must tap both your hand across the box and a fake hand. After a while you will feel a false hand as their own.
How to test it? Let teammate sharp blow to the false hand hammer. You will feel the pain, which will take place only after a brain understands that fake arm.

4 method (long nose)
Sit in front of a team-mate (see. Figure), tie his eyes. Put one hand on your nose, a second partner on the nose. After a while it will seem that you have a great nose.

5 way to
First, close your eyes, and then turn to face the world and start to quickly shake his hand in the face, you'll see a beautiful multi-colored figure.

P.S. People say that really works the first way - the rest not at all!


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