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The theme of a cruise holiday was quite interesting to many, so talk about a cruise vacation more: About how and where to order, on the orders of the ship, food, alcohol and entertainment. I will try not to miss anything. Letters will be a lot, but I will try to dilute their pictures. I would welcome any additions in the comments. This process Inters and chips otdyha- shakes itself down by the text of the order of the cruise.

Important !!! Everything I have written is my personal opinion and experience, and may not be the only solution. Post does not carry any advertising purposes and all kruiznye companies are mentioned only as an example.

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So. You hear a lot about a cruise vacation and decided to diversify a beach-sea vacation. About prices later ...
Many stops fear of pitching.
People differently sensitive to pitching, but cruise ships (not to be confused with the type of ocean liners Queen Mary 2) designed specifically for recreation and bezstressovogo installed on them stabilizers to prevent rolling. Cruise ships will never climb in the storm, will soon change the route. But even these can shake crockery length from 280m to 360m and a displacement of 225,000 tons. In my experience, it rocked (probably swayed) twice: the first time in the storm, and the second time when we raced back to the port at full speed in order to save a sick passenger. Both times were in the small cruise ships.

What the public rests on cruises.
It depends on the duration of such. Cruise for 4-7 nights (it is considered night) dominated pairs 25-45 and families with children from infants to teenagers. A cruise for 14 nights and tour around the world are usually a lot of pensioners. In my practice, it happened that people just died of old age at the time of the cruise. (On this board and have the morgue, too). Usually people are vacationing families or couples. The Company's single friends are extremely rare (if not to take into account the so-called party cruises for 3-4 days for a simple pobuhat) So I would advise to look for here amorous adventures. Quite often cruises are announced * * Only for single or swinger cruises * * (required proof of marriage)
It happens cruises and for LGBT people, but not volnuytes- chance you on this cruise will not appear as it was in some movie

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Things to do on the ship.
Regardless of your age, you will always find employment on the ship. Let's go through the entertainment popalubno on primereFreedom of the seas.
Here, a virtual tour of the decks.
Here is a video tour of the ship


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Let me remind you that all moropriyatiya on board are already included in your ticket.
* The main teatr- accommodate up to 2,000 spectators. Here are the main show each night twice. One evening, here are the special guests: singers, comedians, acrobats, jugglers. The next evening the troupe performs most cruise companies tend intrepritatsiey known for its musicals.
* Kinoteatr- Well, it is the theater. Every day, news movie, just past in theaters. In English.
* Know Konferentstsentr- komments)))
* Bars around korablyu- just sit around and drink is not for us. Bars there are Irish, and champagne (champagne any and everything connected with it), and cigarettes (cigars and drinking elite), and just pobuhat))) But in each you will find live music of different directions. In some bars playing on request.
* So-called loundzhi. Small rooms for the show. Usually plays quiet music, go wine tasting (extra charge), ballroom dancing lessons (free), a dance for the elderly. Conducted several original game shows for adults (after 22.00 children should not be in public places).
Chief promenad- real street in the center of the ship. With bars, shops (prices in the US duty free), cafes, musicians. A couple of times for a cruise on the boardwalk passes 70-80s evening with dancing, carnival costume parade.
* Ice arena- afternoon you can go skating. Once or twice per cruise are colorful ice show. Often with Russian and Ukrainian skaters.
* Main restaurant - here you can dine and dine in the restaurant or choose a buffet restaurant, where you will be much freer in the choice of dishes.
* Internet cafe-expensive. Very. Contact shit. Only in case of emergency. Believe ruomingovy the Internet and even cheaper.
* Library
* Casino
* Disco 21 years. Sometimes spend disco for teenagers
* Fitness Center-Gym.
* All of the hotel's spa manicure and massage to acupuncture, there is also a sauna. For the extra money. Not cheap.
* There is not Solarium- solarium. The area for adults only on the upper deck with a swimming pool and jacuzzi. The roof is open in sunny weather and closes in the rain.
* The upper deck 1-3 floors - a swimming pool with sea water (or two), Jacuzzi (some vessels looks like a balcony hanging over the water), a bar, surfing attractions, topless deck, water attractions for children, climbing wall, golf, basketball , tennis, video arcade machines (in the sense of the arcade rather than the casino), a room for children and teens room (where you can leave your children trained personnel for the day free of charge).
In addition, during the day throughout the ship animators spend all sorts of competitions, quizzes, and all kinds of fun such as bingo bingo.

Well, now you know that will not die of boredom. The more that 4 out of 7 days you will have excursions in the ports.

It is time to choose a cruise and cruise company. To date, there are several leading companies competing with each other:
Royal Caribbean, Celebrity cruises, Carnival, Disney
US: Royal Caribbean, Celebrity cruises, Carnival, Disney (Actually Royal Norwegian and Celebrity actually, but focused on the US market.)
Norwegian: NCL
Italian: MSC and Costa

Disney cruises



Celebrity cruises

Royal Caribbean

Of course there are others, but I mentioned the biggest. I did not really trust the companies. Rumors about the constant mess and complaints of passengers does not add them to the pros, although the Court of the interior are not inferior to others. The Norwegian company has recently made a huge step forward. They even appeared cabins for single passengers. But personally, I was not impressed by the sink right in the cabin with a toilet and a shower of glass walls. In addition, the division of the ship into the territory of the rich and not a very pleasant at all. A separate issue is the US companies. Thanks to a tip in the US, the service here is at its ideal. Disney Company is focused on a family vacation to Disney characters + slides on the upper deck. Carnival- eternal rival Royal Caribbean (American vacationers share on Carnival and Royal fans. Often you can read between holivary between fans just like iPhone and android) I personally like Carnival in presence of water slides on the upper deck (whiz in the tube around the entire vessel expensive worth). But it so happened that it became my favorite Royal (Celebrity cruises is a wholly owned subsidiary. Slightly more expensive and exclusive Royal. There are fewer children)
Where to go? In winter, the cruise on the Caribbean, in the summer in the Mediterranean. Due to the fact that we live in the best part of the land of our globe to the Caribbean islands we fly away and accordingly expensive. Although there is a holiday of sun and sea, look there's not much to it. Although the sea just a fairy tale! Therefore, we are interested in cruises on Middle-earth. Port selection is huge: Middle-Eastern, Western, Baltic, Turkish Islands, Greek Islands, Croatia. Here's an example of the wealth of choice of routes.
www.royalcaribbean.com/findacruise/...it=Find Cruises

The price usually is not less if you book much in advance as is the case with airline tickets. But very different depending on the time of the cruise. For example, one and the same cruise in July will cost $ 1174 but in October already $ 774. Choosing a cruise, take into account the size of the vessel if for you it is important. Maybe you want an exotic huge cruise ships, and can naprotiv- anything less. Any vessel you will find information in the pictures directly on the site,
well, or just chuck it in the name of the ship or Google and YouTube are doing video tour of the ship. The Internet is full of this stuff. In Europe, go to the court from 1800 to 3800 passengers. Regardless of the number of people on board you will not have tolkatsya in crowded or srazhatsya for lounger by the pool. The space intelligently designed.

How and where to book.
I do not see any sense to pay to travel agencies. I always order directly to the cruise line. The truth is they do not all offer the opportunity, some are sent to look for travel agencies. But they are not interested in us. I prefer this company Royal Caribbean www.rccl.com Although reservation directly from all cruise companies on the internet is very similar. Here you are:
1. It is cheaper than the agents. 2. It is possible to book, making a small amount, and pay much later. 3. Free cancellation is almost up to the cruise. 4. You can always book the cruise itself and then for a long time quietly and thoroughly choose and buy more tours, packages of beverages, spa services, all sorts of romantic services (flowers, gift bathrobes, champagne, birthday packages), photography and more.
For booking you need a Master card, Visa or any other credit card. (You can do all the action without having to pay to see the total cost) To be An opportunity to make changes to reservations, do not forget to register on the site.
So, we come to the site I'll take an example site Royal Caribbean www.rccl.com it seems more intuitive choose the direction, time and duration of the cruise.

In the upper right corner you can choose the country, but for Russia website still ukayvaet prices in Amer. dollars. And we are going to book a cruise in July for the season. In October the price naturally a lot less.
-As Long list choose podhodyashy cruise route and the ship and hit * order *


The same cruise in October

-you Will be asked about the number of people and cabins. Put a check if you need a cabin with the ability to use a wheelchair. Hit * further *

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-The Most interesnoe- choice of cabins. The choice is huge. (Cabin will not necessarily be in the same colors as in the picture) most deshёvaya- inside without windows. (In new and renovated courts instead of the window screen, transmitting a live picture from the outside like a balcony), the same a little more, with a window to the outside or a window in the main street, with a balcony and with a balcony a little more, well, svity- simpler and more expensive. Price will also varirovatsya on the location of the cabin. I think that to spend money on expensive extended cabin interior without a window, a senseless undertaking. Believe me cabin is the place where you will find the least time on the cruise (well, unless you're newlyweds)) If you pressed walls: take a cabin with a window. All cabins have their own climate control. Clean them permanently as soon as you leave your cabin. There are all subtly and quietly but efficiently. If you do not need uborka- Tale plate nebespokoit * *

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You select the appropriate? We click on and attention here! Clever marketers offer you to upgrade your say interior without a window, on a cabin with a window for a small amount. But looking more closely, we see that this small amount is the amount per day for each passenger, which ultimately give us the usual price cabins with a window.

Hit No thanks. And then we choose the right deck. Try to take the Soviet cabin closer to the center of the ship and lift access. During the cruise you'll run a hundred times in his cabin, and given the size of the ship, run away. Decks better 7, 8, 9. There's less noise and vibrations from the machines.

After selecting the cabins get to fill in the personal data page, but stop! Why suddenly the total amount was slightly larger one that was written in the beginning? This is the price for a total of two. For the price originally specified for one. + The fact that Americans are accustomed to display prices without VAT which is added at the cash register, so that everything goes as it should.

On the same page, we suggest to choose the time for dinner. Typically, 18, 00 and 20, 30. The fact that the dinner at the restaurant takes place in two passes, while one watching others eat the evening show, and vice versa. But there is an option so-called "May time deining" By selecting it, you can dine in the restaurant at any time as you wish between 18.00 and 22.00, you only need to reserve a table. In addition, you can always go to the buffet restaurant and eat there where the buffet without reservations.

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Below on the page you are offered tips to make an advance payment. The fact that the salary of the staff on board is made up of a tip left by guests. Before the end of the cruise you in the cabin always brought some envelopes for the waiter, busboy, steward, and others. This system works well in America, but we in fact Europe))). And more and more often these envelopes turned out to be quite empty, and how it turned out, proved to be the most malicious defaulters German tourists. On one of the ship's personnel rebelled and in order to force the company to change the system of salaries, chose to sacrifice the German tourists. On one of the cruises (the guests were Germans and Britons) staff became completely ignore the Germans and with the extraordinary attention paid to the British. Of course the Germans raised the fur fly, was a scandal, and the company decided to charge a prepaid gratuities. All that remains is to take Nam that amount simply as part of the ticket not zaparivatsya why and where the money went. And it is from 50 to 110evro.

Generally the reservation is completed. Then you look at the aggregate data, and if you all dovolny- pay part or the full amount. Or you do not pay, if you just went to ask the price.

Now you have plenty of time to choose a cruise alkopaket type all-inclusive package sodovoy- unlimited juices, water, cola, Fanta and excursions.

They can not see by going to the menu, ordering «Shore Excursions» in the description of each cruise. Tours range from a simple transfer from the ship to the beach and back do7-8mi hour tour. Prices range from $ 25 to $ 120 and zavisyt on the duration of the tour. Well, there is the possibility to order a personalized tour of a carrier with a personal but this is about 1000 $
Here, for example the price of the tour in Rome
Some advisers offer to save the Internet and take the tour guides at the party on the beach. Pravda- will save you a large sum in this way. BUT! Personally, I would not recommend it. The fact is that if your side of the guide will govnogidom and it happens that you are late to the ship to sail (plug, a broken bus, so who knows what else), remember! NEVER ship waiting for latecomers not the fault of the company. I've seen several times running on the pier after the ship. Some help port police, the boat caught up with the ship. Such vidyuhi on YouTube enough. But as a rule you will find the unenviable prospect of being left alone in a strange place with a purse and shorts. In turn, ordered trips are always safe, in comfortable buses and even in normal shuttle to the beach guide will tell you something interesting during a road.

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