15 things that should not be in a small apartment

Oriental carpets, multi-level ceilings, open shelving – all is contraindicated small apartment. About 12 extra things in a small room in our material.

There are many techniques of design, allowing you to make a small apartment more spacious. However, there are some things in a small room should be avoided, since they are surely capable of spoiling the good design and bring to naught all your efforts.


1. Dark walls

This applies to any coatings for walls – whether it is Wallpaper, paint or plaster. Dark walls around the perimeter utterly "compress" the already small size of the rooms. The design is dimmable – so hiding.

In this case, of course, hiding valuable square footage. Besides, dark walls can absorb up to 40 percent of light in the room, and the light is also a factor that expands the size.

2. Wallpaper with a large pattern and imitation of natural stone

Actually, a little big picture in a small room can be a good designer. But it is a bit in one or two places, not more. Maximum – can be used on one wall, including Wallpaper. All of this can and will be beautiful and original.

But if all the walls are so large and too much, and the pattern visually "splits" the area of a room, reducing it. The imitation of natural stone do not want to use not because it's a simulation, but because of its texture, even in bright patterns, very clear. The terrain narrows the space, and the image of the stone is too heavy for a small apartment. Is roughly the same Association in an open evening dress in the boots.

3. Dark furniture

Dark furniture – it's, like, clean, dark and simple furniture with a bright big picture (in the case of upholstered furniture). Visually anyway, this picture is combined into a single "spot". Dark furniture to something like the dark walls, since it is a significant part of the subject filling the apartment.

However, the dark furniture a like. Rather, it manifested a preference to specific interior styles. But any style is necessary to relate with the situation, and most styles are bright and furniture variations. But sometimes I like the color. You can rectify the situation this way: the darker the furniture, the lighter should be the walls and floor. The best option is a white floor, but for us, even while this option is unusual. But abroad the white floors are very common.

4. Bulky furniture

Interesting question: and for what apartments are all this bulky furniture, which is abundant in furniture shops? Such "mastodons" suitable only for huge country houses, where there is "a great distance". But for a small apartment it is a definite taboo. The furniture here should be easy to look at, better on the legs, the most compact models. A good way – furniture to order for individual sizes, and better-transforming not to overload the extra apartment sofas and armchairs


5. Oriental rug

If a small room is the Oriental rug with frequent bright ornament, then have no strength to look at anything else, it's too hard to understand. As a result, the floor space of "squeezed" in half, and the whole interior looks very "colorful" impression, even if the furniture is monochromatic. For a small apartment suitable for either plain carpet or simply a single picture frame, flourish, silhouette of a flower, nothing more. But the length of the pile does not matter. And of course, no carpet, and especially the East, is not a decoration for the wall!


6. A large number of patterns

Themselves unobtrusive patterns in a small apartment may well be, but the overall patterns should not be too much. When both are present, the patterns on the Wallpaper, decorative pillows, curtains, accessories, and even on the mats – this creates visual clutter, and also "splits up" the space.

7. The Central placement of furniture

This means such an arrangement, when a large furniture placed in the middle of the room. For example, a sofa or a table with chairs. These options are only for large apartments, are they needed for zoning. Well, in a small apartment this balance clutter both visually (it seems that there is almost no free space) and physically – you get to be hard to move, will have to squeeze between furniture. As it is ordinary sounds, in a small apartment you need to put furniture on walls, and interesting techniques to carry out by the decor.

8. Wardrobe average height

Here it does not seem immediately obvious, but nevertheless: tall cabinets visually enlarge the height of the room, low increase the area, but medium – shrink, and both. This is due to the geometric proportion on the volume. Moreover, the "average" cases is impractical, it is still on some of the cabinets over time, boxes, overhead loft, etc.

9. A large number of open shelves

It would seem a paradox – after all, the shelves create a difference volume, so important to the expansion of space. It is! But once they not remain empty. They appear some vases, knick-knacks, books, boxes. And hence creates the most colour diversity, which is not shown for walls in a small apartment. Therefore, the shelves should be, but they should not be much, they should stand near the closed furniture, and shelves should not be filled. Then, indeed, will be seen the same levels of depth.

10. Heavy Drapes

Heavy fabrics eat up a lot of space, even if they are not dark. They are corny take place and are perceived like another walls. The canopy actually "cuts" the part of the room. Not to mention the fact that all of these fabrics collect dust and absorb light.

11. High table

This refers, of course, not a dining table. It needs to stand in the kitchen or in the dining room, and its height must correspond to the ergonomic rule. Talking about coffee and side tables. In a small room they should be low. High tables to visually lower the ceiling, and the dimensions are perceived more and more difficult than they really are.


12. Big long chandelier

These chandeliers are more characteristic of Palace interiors in a small apartment they are completely useless. They fix eyes on me as on a Central point, and thereby "squeeze" the perimeter of the ceiling. A large amount of chandeliers violates the proportions of the room. Moreover, with low ceilings and a chance to touch for the chandelier raised hand.


13. Using more than three different colors at the same time

Features of the small space restrict colors in it a maximum of three colors. More colours perceived as heavy, colorful, restless. Area as these flowers would be divided into parts. Such color blocking, and clothing-that is not for everyone, and in the interior − and even more so.

14. Multilevel ceiling

Multilevel ceiling is arranged for the purpose of lowering a high ceiling and for zoning. It is the prerogative of large apartments with high ceilings. Complication top inevitably reduce the small apartment.


15. Lighting only the center of the ceiling

This lighting option is the most minimal. But even at ergonometrically standards always need additional sources of lighting, in addition to a chandelier. And the smaller the room, the brighter it has to be said. Besides multi-level lighting creates a interesting design effects, makes space is multidimensional, and generally distracts from the true dimensions of the room. Not to mention the fact that you can "play" the appearance and style of lamps, as they can be including bold accessories in your apartment.

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