Steve Jobs: What is the difference between the billionaires and the rest of the people

Rich people think not, as ordinary people, and the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, whose state at the time of death was estimated at $ 10, 2 billion, was no exception.

In response to the question "Do the billionaires know something they do not know ordinary people?", The specified user Quora, a venture capitalist Patrick Metison mentioned quote Jobs. It accurately conveys the essence of the "billionaires mentality»:

"Everything that you call life was created by people who were not smarter than you. And you can change everything, to influence anything or create things that will benefit others. »

Metison, venture investor, who worked with billionaires, explains what the world is common to all rich people:

"Billionaires are aware that the world can be changed. Capable people with due diligence can really do it. Unlike other people who believe that the world is static, and accept everything as

granted. " Business coach Steve Siebold, who became a millionaire before writing the book "How to think the rich" has talked to more than 1,200 richest people on the planet, and he agreed with the statement Metisona.

For wealthy people are important steps, and problem solving.

"While waiting for the majority of incredible success and dreams of prosperity, great deal with solving problems," - says Siebold

. As Jobs said, it does not mean that they are smarter than other people.

"They think more strategically - Siebold says. - When the rich man needs money, he did not know whether it is possible anywhere to find them, but simply begins to generate new ideas that will help solve the problem

". He also notes that "the bigger the problem you solve, the more money you earn on it».

Make a state can only by working on himself every day.

"Let's be clear once and for all: anyone can become rich, - says Siebold. - This has nothing to do with your education or origin. Becoming rich does not allow it, who you are and what you are doing this. "


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