The most humble billionaires in the world

Happy millionaire

Austrian millionaire Karl Rabeder came from a poor family, so he worked all his life to gather up a state of three million euros, a house and a beautiful Villa. In 47 years, he realized that it was his property makes him unhappy and began to sell everything — the more I get rid of things, the happier he felt. On the money Carl has created a charity MyMicroCredit, which helps the poor areas of Central and South America.

Fifty six million five hundred seven thousand one hundred twenty eight

Hippie billionaire Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson is a famous entrepreneur and one of the richest people on the planet. For some ten years, the founder of Virgin managed to turn a small music store in a huge diversified business, which are scattered over all continents of the planet. But Branson has everything else and a bright, extraordinary person, for which he received the nickname "hippie-billionaire."

Thirty one million five hundred seven thousand four hundred seventy eight

        mayor of London

Mr Boris Johnson, mayor of London, is impressive one of its kind, because of the unusual appearance. This is not an ordinary smart politician in a suit and tie, with a serious expression. He's awkward, clumsy, his unkempt hair and very light hair, quite a bass voice and highly provocative statements. He is not afraid to come without a tie, freely wearing a sports jacket, backpack and helmet from the bike.

Thirty two million nine hundred thirty seven thousand one hundred twenty six


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