As the lives of Afghanistan after 24 years after the war?

Haji Awrang – really unusual people. In a country devastated by a decade of war, Haji made oasis called Tagab and became its Governor. Over the last 20 years with the support of local residents, he imposed strict control over cattle grazing, hunting, fishing and logging. He has done an extensive network of irrigation canals in the mountainous areas and began to actively restore the forest.

Successfully restored natural resources attracted in Tagab poachers from neighboring provinces. Local residents who support the policy of Haji, trying to protect Tagab from the robbery.

Tagab is located in the Hindu Kush mountains, which continue 500 km from Central Afghanistan to Northern Pakistan.

One of the challenges Haci to confiscate weapons from civilians. This man is one of the few who has a license.
The owner of the radio channel is the leading news. The station is not closed once, and now she continues to work on a pretty tight budget, but nevertheless transmission still out.

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