Soviet hippies

When I was a schoolboy, my friends hippovali. It is difficult to define that. we called this word ... Let's say, instead of the traditional portfolio, I could not come to school with a canvas knapsack or small suitcase grandfather with metal corners. Or physical education classes - in colorful pants a la the wolf from "Well, wait a minute!» ...

In any case, in our lexicon is "hippovat" was a common, stable expression. Dressed we are certainly looking at the older, imitating them. Not to those who were over the age of us as fathers and mothers, and those who were older than age 5-10, may 15, is an intermediate generation. It was a generation of hippies, so we, the students, imitating the older, worn with wedges extreme flared below the knee, made caring grandmother's arms under the strict control of the customer, on our knees and zhopku adorned with colored patches, teachers expelled us from school to the hairdresser. A barber happened invited to school ...
It's funny to remember, but sometimes we drew inspiration from the magazines "Crocodile", where artists depicted the parasites in the bottoms with a fringe, nechёsanymi lohmami. Yes, it was all childish naive, maybe even silly.

But how deeply the masses became a hippie ideology, if it let so intricately took the Soviet heartland, to reach out to our hearts)
Interestingly, not all have an idea about the ideology of the hippies, but the hippie fashion elements infiltrated everywhere, any young man just a little, but hippoval)

I still like the hippies, even today in my appearance and lifestyle nothing of them left me pretty the same's hip generation, the lost generation, it's the guys who are now 60, though not many of them told until today the ideals of his youth .

One of those whose soul alight survived until old age - Vladimir Teplyshev or Volodya Zen Baptist. He died three years ago, it was the ideologist of the hippie, artist, designer

He advised the film "House of the Sun", which tells about the Soviet hippies early '70s, and left behind interesting notes in the margins:

"Minimum hippie outfit consisted of four basic things:

1 shirt (special glamor was considered a hippie shirt reworked from a psychiatric hospital. She repainted margontsovkoy, embroidered, sewed braid or appliqué)

2. flared trousers or, in the jargon of the hippies, "oceans of drink".

Flared trousers made of ordinary, or (rarely) from the jeans. Ripped at the seams, or the front and inserted wedges of colored fabric.

3. Peremetnoe bag or BAG. "We learned not only hayratnikam (or braid leather cord tied around the head) and long hair, and on kleshennym or narrow truzeram and a bag over his shoulder".

As an option - and wore a bag on the belt of trousers.

Bag small (here are made of canvas gloves), called "ksivnik" (ie bag for documents).
She was popular with hippies and more because they are "basically rip off your back pocket".

One of the most popular topics for alterations had uniforms. "Took military spetsura ... all distorted, altered, deformed beyond recognition ... There was the so-called new interpretation of clothing and the creation of another image. It was the power of love, which reworked the character of the war - the style of "military" in "fairy tale».

Another unusual thing that belonged to Vladimir and he gave to the shooting. This is a clock mechanism to the outside (also have a symbolic meaning).

Clothing hippies of the world has an ethnic bias: American hippies use elements of African-American and Native American cultures, the English - Celtic and Indian clothing Soviet hippies also had elements of ancient Slavic style.

Of course, we are talking about absolutely true hippies who lived it. In real life, it was a little easier, and how we can look at photos of those years. Thus, the Soviet hippies 70s:

Yes, there was a time ...

Did not have to say this, but still say, you can not enter the same river twice, blessed is he who in his youth was a young man, happy is he. who in time was ripe.

Today podrazhanty imitators remind me mummers Cossacks. Form is the essence emasculated. You can not be a non-smoking hippies, you can not preach free love, but refuse sex due to lack of condom.
Another time, other heroes.


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