Five secret military operations that could blow up the brain (8 photos)

The Cold War was a crazy time: a global confrontation involved mighty crafty penguins and polar bears, walruses and giant flocks of countless armada of whales, seals, albatrosses and killer ...
Fabulously, say?
Well, the Cold War was a period of sharp geopolitical tensions between the two superpowers, which is expressed mainly through political maneuvering and the creation of indirect threats. Boredom, right? Let's take a better look at the most effective ways to destroy a penguin with his bare hands. First we need to grab a penguin hands above and below the beak, and then vigorous twisting motion ...
Or, perhaps, we hear the story of five crazy stories Cold War regarding shadow governments, research centers on the ice and nuclear weapons?

1. underground nuclear city in ice

Sometimes the real story is able to surpass science fiction. How's that for a fact - from the United States was a small underground city at the North Pole, which was called Camp Century, is very reminiscent of the rebel base on Hoth from "Star Wars».

It all started in 1959 with the construction of the research station a few hundred meters under one of the icebergs in Greenland. From the side it looked like a sinister-looking snow-covered pyramid. But going into the depth, the complex is enormous.

Source is a underground nuclear reactor, and the number of employees reached two hundred. It was a real city with gyms, chapels, libraries, hobby shops and even a cinema. Although why watch a movie, and so if you live like a fantastic movie?

However, as is always the case with funky pieces, fighters will soon appropriated scientific property, to use it for their own purposes. On this occasion, with the money the military was even filmed a very convincing and utterly untroubled propaganda documentary.

Let us once again go over the facts: the United States has been a research station with a nuclear reactor, in which 200 people lived. It was built directly into the glacier of the North Pole, and one of its main tasks is to harsh ancient ice drilled to a maximum depth. Well, what you do not start to hell horror film?

After the arrival of the military Camp Century was converted into a missile silo in ice. According to the military plans it is supposed to be stored about six hundred nuclear missiles - such nuclear modest bungalows near by the USSR. Fortunately for Russia (and the Americans), technical problems led to a scaling back of the project. Maintaining tunnels in good condition proved difficult (monthly had to remove 120 tons of ice) and for ten years the object was buried under a layer of ice.

So to play hide and seek there now is not out - bummer, comrades, we apologize.

2. The Italian "Freemasons" was chosen president of the United States

"Propaganda Duo" or P2 lodge was "Freemasons" that journalists described as a "shadow government." Their original purpose was to fight communism in Italy, but do not worry - it's just a beautiful story, invented to give the noble origin. A couple of suggestions you can make in the severity of this organization.

In a long list of influential members of the P2 included, among others, and Silvio Berlusconi, also known as the eccentric former prime minister of Italy. This is not idle speculation or conspiracy theorists Internet vigilantes - Berlusconi denied membership in the court, but after his lie was uncovered no longer hide this fact.

As to the "shadow" aspects of our history, the only reliable source of information was investigated in 1981 in Italy, during which it was found that the P2 has launched its tentacles not only in Parliament but also in the armed forces and the media. Also installed P2 involvement in the killings, abductions and arms trafficking. The list includes about a thousand names, most - prominent politicians. Home impressive, is not it? But where is the biggest evil - a large-scale shadow operations, confirming their power on a global level? Or, at worst, a stylish leather gloves with purple ascot (taking into account national specifics)?

We think that the US presidential election - is an appropriate example.

It all started with Billy Carter - funny and silly brother Jimmy Carter, who took a loan of 220 thousand dollars from Libya. Libya was considered the country in the whole country, if not hostile. Of course, the scandal erupted, but a short attention span policy not learned yesterday, as it happened a few months before the election, a majority of voters in November safely forget about the unfortunate embarrassment.

P2 wanted Reagan won (after all, he had a penetrating gaze and a great haircut). To this regard, have been involved with several major journalists from the magazine «The New Republic», which were to publish a new story - even during the elections. Journalists wrote that Billy is not only Libya took another 50 thousand dollars, but also recently held a meeting with the leader of "Palestine Liberation Organization", which is considered a terrorist in America to this day. And all this - just two weeks before the election. Billy and the others implicated in the scandal, strongly denied his guilt (the Senate investigation a few years later to refute the publication), but dirty trick worked. Reagan won every state but six are more likely - through backstairs Italian "shadow government».

The figures speak for themselves:

You can see a lot of light fluctuations in the graphs of the two main candidates, as befits an election. But look at the very end: two weeks after the scandalous publications ranking Reagan rushed up! This is the most dramatic change of all along the graph. Although, given the "charisma" of Carter, Reagan might not need the secret manipulation - who will vote for the man-turtle?

3. hundreds of nuclear missiles in Cuba after the Cuban Missile Crisis ...

All who have not skipped the story at school knows about the Cuban missile crisis. For those who still walk around briefly recall: fear of an American invasion (and groundless), Cuba asked the Russian nuclear weapons, to have something to respond in case of attack. Russia agreed with pleasure. US offense and established the blockade of Cuba. Recently, however, the decisive moment of a nuclear catastrophe in Russia and the United States failed to reach a peaceful agreement. The Soviet Union agreed to withdraw missiles from Cuba, provided the dismantling of US missiles in Turkey and Italy.

But what you will not know is the fact that the exact number of missiles stationed America could not be established. After the Cuban Missile Crisis was officially "completed", Russia, Cuba had another hundred nuclear missiles. Since the United States did not know about them, and in the contract, these missiles were not included, but because Russia quite legally able to transfer them to the Cubans. But the Soviet leaders, arrived in Cuba to settle the details discovered that Castro frostbitten during the entire head. During previous negotiations Cuba's position has been ignored completely. Accordingly, on the basis of "Napoleon's syndrome" Cubans have developed a certain nervousness.

Russian decided that the transfer of the missiles in Cuba would be a high probability mean the beginning of World War III. So they did what politicians always do - lied to three boxes. They told Castro that the secret of the Russian law prohibits the transfer missiles in Cuba forever and global nuclear conflict has been averted.

This time - for real.

4. State terrorism against France ... hippies?

In 1985, the French government's problem. He desperately needed to carry out nuclear tests in Mururoa, but let this stupid "Greenpeace" with his stupid "boat" and stupid "protests" in defense of the absurd "the inviolability of habitat; '. That same ragged hippies, eh? The situation is complicated by the fact that the landfill was a part-time French colony, showing signs of rebellion, so the French do not like to show weakness, able to direct their discontent ... French. After weighing all the "pros" and "cons" they have decided that in their place would take any other reasonable country. They decided to blow up the "Rainbow Warrior" - a vessel filled with hippies and love to scare or distract Greenpeace and buy time for nuclear testing.

The operation was uncharacteristic name «Satanique», how would initially hinted at the perversity of executing their plans. When the "Rainbow Warrior" landed on the shores of New Zealand for the next tactical rasslabona operation «Satanique» has begun! The plan was to expel the ship the entire crew of a small bomb explosion, and then the second bomb was bigger to let the ship sink. Everything went like clockwork!

Except for a couple of trivia.

Team "Rainbow Warrior" returned to the sailboat, to assess the damage - two rounds in a funnel do not fall. But craters craters, and one ship in New Zealand was "lucky" to explode twice. In this second explosion injured several people and took away the life of the photographer - Fernando Pereira.

Seeing that the plan for the "breaking of the hippie-sailors" has turned into "an act of international terrorism", the French began to frantically pull its agents from New Zealand. However, two French spies involved in the operation were detained and interrogated. The truth was soon released because French spies appeared extremely weak character. The consequences were quite expected: French President publicly apologized, the defense minister went to the resignation in disgrace, "Greenpeace" has received a mountain of money, and France suspended the terrible ordeal ...

And renew their ten years, blowing up in the same place God knows how many megatons. Well, what do you expect from those who call their raid "satanic»?

5. Secret private armies ruled Europe

After World War II the United States has faced a number of problems. The war claimed many lives, the country fell apart, there were new borders. Europe basically turned into a very tasty piece of civilization to which greedily dragged the Soviet Union. Therefore, the United States developed the "Operation Gladio". Simply put, it was created a secret paramilitary formation, acting informally throughout Europe with the sole purpose - to fight Communism. The facts are not very many (army somehow still has a secret), but this is clearly not just another crazy theory: the existence of "Gladio" was confirmed by several governments. On account of the organization's major crimes such as attempted murder the Pope, big explosions and abductions of several high-ranking government officials. They were ready to do anything in the name of fighting communism: the murders, extortion. They could be even the Communists, if it was necessary for the case.

Again, special honors Italian branch of "Gladio" (which is not surprising, because it is they have created a game and Machiavelli «Assasins's Creed»). The secret activity was involved, even totally indifferent to the struggle against the Communists president of Italy - Francesco Cossiga. What? All normal presidents do so! Or had to say, "Thank you for the trust, the guys from the secret military organization, but I think I'll pass?»

This answer, in all probability, would not quite visionary. For the reason that we still know so little about the "Gladio" - a kaleidoscope of bloody murders.

When another Italian President - Aldo Moro gave the communists the opportunity to join the government, he was suddenly kidnapped and executed. His body was found in the trunk of a car parked next to the former site of gladiator fights. The word «gladio» - takes its name from the Roman short sword, which is often used gladiators who fought in the arena. A month after the former colonel who commanded the operation "Gladio" in Switzerland, wrote a letter to the government, which expressed his willingness to "tell the truth", he was found dead in his home. He was stabbed to death by his own bayonet, and his chest was the mysterious letters that can not be decrypted.

At present, admittedly, there is no direct evidence pointing to the direct involvement of "Gladio" What else. There are only a few brutal murders and gloomy events. And yet the fear generated by them, which is like a sticky web of researchers from holding any further steps.

And, in fact, who needs it?


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