Frugal Billionaires

Among the most successful and influential people in the world there are those who are not really in love with his vast fortune. There are many examples where the rich continue to lead a modest lifestyle and believe that money and position - not the most important thing in our lives. It is about people, our today's post. Happy millionaire

Austrian millionaire Karl Rabeder was from a poor family, so worked all my life to amass a fortune of 3 million euros, a house and a luxury villa. In 47 years, he realized that it was his property makes him unhappy and start to sell - the more got rid of things, the happier he became. With the money Carl founded the charity MyMicroCredit, which helps the poor areas of Central and South America. Now 50-year-old Carl, he lives in an old house with a landscaped costs 1,000 euros per month, and still actively travels the world giving lectures.

Hippie-billionaire Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson - a successful entrepreneur and one of the richest people in the world. For some 10 years, the founder of Virgin managed to turn a small music store into a giant multi-business spread all over the continents. Branson but everything else still and bright, non-standard personality, has been dubbed the "hippie-billionaire." Last trick biznesmena- appearance at the airport dressed as a stewardess company AirAsia. Moreover, Branson is not just to show off for the cameras - he honestly served the passengers of the flight on a flight to Perth - Kuala Lumpur.

Mayor of London

Mr. Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, has an impressive one of its kind due to unaccustomed externally. This is no ordinary politician in smart suit and tie, with a straight face. He angular, awkward, he vsklochennaya hairstyle and amazing blonde hair, very bass voice and a very provocative statements. He does not hesitate to go without a tie, blazer is free, a backpack and a bicycle helmet. That is not surprising, because it is Boris Johnson is one of the main supporters of cycling in Britain.

The Mayor of Reykjavik

Jonah Gnarre - the acting mayor of the largest city of Iceland, Reykjavik. This man did not go to university, was a comedian and a taxi driver, but managed in 2010 to create his own political party and at the same time to call it a sonorous name "Best Party". The structure of the party were mostly creative people: artists, musicians, comedians, and none of them had never engaged in politics. Surprisingly, the residents of the city mayor was chosen leader of the party with a numerical index of 34, 7% of the vote.

Legend Google

Sergey Brin - the legend of the computer business, co-founder and president of technology company Google Inc., a billionaire and one of the richest men in America. But in spite of the above, Sergei, the assurances of loved ones, behaves quite modest - still lives in a three-room apartment and rides in a Mercedes that would be more befitting the status, and Toyota Prius with environmentally friendly hybrid engine. And he loves to go to the "Russian tea Katie" in San Francisco, and recommend to their guests borscht, dumplings and pancakes.

Homeless billionaire Nicolas Berggryuen

The founder of the investment company Berggruen Holdings, owner of $ 2 billion in fact - a bum. Turning 45-year milestone billionaire suddenly realized that all matter - perishable. He sold all his real estate. But do not think that Nicholas Berggryuen asleep somewhere under the bridge, hiding behind a newspaper. He lives mainly in inexpensive hotels, travels a lot, sometimes dropping in office. Great boss!

New York City Mayor

Michael Bloomberg is a very interesting person, even if you do not know that he had 13 in the list of the richest people in the world. Mer New York City subway rides. And this is not some kind of PR, but simply human life position. In the photo below the mayor sits at his workplace in the building of the city council. On ordinary office furniture traditional monitors, paper, graphics, some trinkets and ... jar of peanut butter next to the keyboard.

The poorest in the world, President

José Mujica - President of Uruguay, whose lifestyle bears little resemblance to the way usually live the powers that be. 78-year-old El Pepe (the name of the President of the locals) donates to charity almost his entire presidential salary, making it the poorest (or most generous) president in the world. President earns 263,000 Uruguayan Peso (400 000) per month. Currently it leaves only 26,300 pesos (40 000).

Billionaire billion without

Chuck Feeney - creator of the famous chain stores Duty Free Shoppers. Over the past 30 years he has traveled all over the world, turning covert operations to get rid of capital of $ 7, 5 billion. He made his trading brandy, spirits and cigarettes in his empire. His charitable foundation The Atlantic Philanthropies has invested $ 6, $ 2 billion in education, science, health, civil rights and the maintenance of nursing homes around the world. Few of our contemporaries did donation of this magnitude, and none of the people with this condition, as it has not invested in charity all their capital in life. By 2020, Chuck Feeney wants to spend all their capital to help the needy.



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