5 most humble rich planet

What would you do if you become a billionaire? Most people at the answer to this question begins to list any items or services, which have long dreamed. Wealth has always been associated with roskoshyu.No not for these people! Billionaires made from our state, but prefer poor lifestyle. Of course, giving up the luxury worthy of admiration! < Website is about the most humble rich men of our time.

Warren Buffett, the capital of 60 billion 700 million dollars h3> Modesty "omahskogo oracle" as not the first ten years is called the investor and billionaire Warren Buffett, has become a byword. Buffett still lives in the house, bought in 1958 for thirty thousand dollars, while his condition has exceeded sixty billion!

Moreover, Buffett is known for his bad taste: he prefers to eat burgers from McDonald's and Burger King, washing them down with Coca-Cola, but about the expensive suits says:

«For me it looks expensive and cheap!»

Blockquote> Modest billionaire says that he has everything necessary for life, and that before all else:

«I do not care how many decimal places».


Mark Zuckerberg, capital of 42 billion 800 million h3> The status of one of the richest technology tycoons of the world does not stop Mark Zuckerberg to lead a modest lifestyle, he lives with his wife and daughter in a small house in Palo Alto, wearing identical gray T-shirt and jeans, and just this year, finally succeeded Acura to Volkswagen with a manual transmission.

«I strive to minimize the number of decisions made by me, because I need all the resources of my head at work. I do not want to wrestle with what to wear and where to dine. »


Amancio Ortega, the capital of 66 billion 800 million h3> The founder of Zara last year fell to second place ranking of the richest people in the world by Forbes. Despite the presence of its own aircraft for $ 45 million, Ortega is considered modest man: after all, he flies infrequently and only for work. In ordinary life, the billionaire is not striking the shirt and pants, he lives with his wife in his apartment in La Coruña and lunch in the cafeteria with the other members of Zara.

Ingvar Kamprad, the capital of 39 billion 300 million h3> The founder and owner of IKEA - the second richest in Europe, but it is unlikely you would have guessed it, sitting next to him in the economy class of aircraft or cafe Ikea. In the sixties he wore costumes made to order, and drove «Porsche», but quickly tired life of luxury. Billionaire realized that his most favorite thing in life - is the IKEA, and on the other he does not care

Now Kamprad lives extremely modestly rides on the bus or on the old Volvo and lives in a small one-story house

The former president of Uruguay, Jose Mujica Cordano, capital is no h3> The president - not such a modest position, but José Mujica, who left his post last year, was referred to as "the poorest president". 80-year-old Mujica donated to charity almost his entire presidential salary: 12 500 he kept the entire thousand

«I quite enough of this money should be enough, because the income of many Uruguayans are much lower».

Blockquote> Mujica and his wife live on a farm in Montevideo. The largest personal purchase Mujica for all the time of his presidency was the "Volkswagen Beetle", worth $ 1945.

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