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I suggest you see a selection of which is a question of money.
About how to earn them, and what to spend.

The most expensive movie in the advertising industry - is a video created on the theme of perfume Chanel No. 5. Each minute of the mini-movies cost the creators of 11 million. Dollars, so the whole four minute clip is estimated at 44 million. Dollars. But it's not just a beautiful picture. In the main role he was invited to a world famous actress Nicole Kidman, who, for his five-day shooting has received 16 million. Dollars - more than any other actor, lighted advertising.

The most "solid" and reliable currency in the world is the Kuwaiti dinar. The unit of currency is equal to 2, 3 or 52 euros, 65 dollars. This dinar quite young (put into use in 1961). Huge oil deposits have provided a solid base, and allowed him to press the dollar, the pound sterling and the euro. However, this situation is not very rosy. That is why the country can not continue to develop.

The biggest and, accordingly, heavy wedge of gold, whose weight is 250 kg., Was cast by order of the company «Mitsubishi Materials». Its estimated cost of 13 million. Dollars.

billionaire and brands in the world today a great many, but the most expensive, according to experts, is considered «Coca-Cola». In 2011, its value amounted to about 72 billion dollars.


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