The most extreme places on the planet (25 photos)

Interesting information about severe places on Earth.
I advise you to reading, who knows where we can be tomorrow.

The hottest inhabited places - Dallol, Ethiopia
The average daily temperature in the Dallol 34 + 4 ° C. No wonder that today it is more like a ghost town.

The deepest cave - Krubera Raven, Abkhazia

It is the only cave in the world deeper than 2000 meters.

The highest point - Mount Everest

Since the 1950s the top of Everest was subjected to approximately 3000 climbers. It is located at an altitude of 8848 meters above sea level.

The most distant point from the center of the Earth - Chimborazo, Ecuador

Although the peak of Mount Everest - the highest point relative to sea level, but due to the fact that our planet is flattened at the poles, the most remote from the center of the earth was another peak - extinct volcano Chimborazo.

The most remote island - Bouvet

This small uninhabited Norwegian island located in the Atlantic Ocean at a distance of about 1, 5 thousand kilometers from Antarctica and 2, 5 kilometers from South Africa.


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