The cave of a mountain river (Hang Son Doong) (36 photos)

Over the past few years in Vietnam it was opened twenty new caves, including a giant cave Han Song Dung (the name can be translated as "Cave of the mountain river"). In fact the local tribes living in the jungle had long known about the cave, but they were afraid of it because of the whistling sound that emits an underground river that flows in the cave. World public opinion learned about this miracle of nature only in 2009 when a group of British researchers from the British Association of cavers (BCRA) has examined the cave. The studies were conducted from 10 to 14 April 2009.

This cave Han Son Dung, and it claims to be the largest cave. Most present underground kingdom found in the heart of the jungle. A huge network of caves located in the forests of Vietnam, proved so great that scientists are now talking about the largest discovery in the history of caving. Passage in the Hall of the Mountain River, which lies right in the middle of the national park, whose name is Phong Nha-Ke Bang, was still open in 2009 by British cavers. Then the cavers have decided that this cave is only about 150 meters of its length and 60 meters in width. But, as shown by recent studies, the true extent of the cave where a larger scale.

The cave was discovered and investigated in April 2009. A local farmer drove the cave British expedition in April. How to tell the team of researchers, locals knew about the cave even earlier, but were afraid to go into it. We discovered the cave in the wind, which makes it possible to find a good enough voids in the rocks. The team of cave explorers, feeling the wind, decided to explore the cave.

The cave entrance is quite narrow - 10 meters high and 30 meters wide. Through it is a strong air flow. The cave is always the sound of an underground river, which continues its work on the leaching of rocks. British researchers believe that the wind and the noise at the input of the river inside the caves in earlier times could deter the locals from its detailed study, especially in the absence of strong light sources. "This is a very large cavity, and you can still hear the sound of the river at the entrance. It was this noise and produce some deterrent effect, "- explained caver Spillan Adam, a member of the British Speleological Association Study.

Launching of a survey, they were amazed by the size of the open cave! A group of British researchers, led by Howard Limbert four days wandering through the halls of this natural wonder. They concluded that the cave is the largest in Vietnam. According to them the cave Han Song Dung at least five times more than the Phong Nha Cave, which is still considered the largest in Vietnam.

After a more detailed inspection, cavers have reported that in this cave you can fly a plane and hot air balloon! So far only investigated 6,500 meters length of the cave. As a study speleologists found that the cave extends to 80 meters in width and up to 200 meters in height. That these figures and make this the biggest cave in the world! After opening in 2009, this wonderful passage, attention was drawn to the enormous cave. Two that followed by the opening of the passage of the expedition opened passage to the entire network of underground labyrinths, indescribable beauty that can not be expressed in words - all this splendor only need to see. Underworld will impress even very far from caving people.


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