This underworld

In 1991, a simple farmer came across a previously unexplored cave Vietnamese national park Phon Nha-Ke Bang. However, a terrible roar of the water, wafting out, scared him, and he did not go down. Locals call the cave Son Doong, but to explore it so no one dared.

And only in 2009 a group of British scientists led by Howard Limbert, again found the cave, decided to go down and open a new world of real length of over 5 kilometers and a width of 150 meters. Explore it, they announced its official opening and have confirmed that the Son Doong - the biggest cave in the world.

This unique place with its own flora, fauna, lakes and even the clouds. Website shares his impressions and photos of this magical new world.

To get inside, you must use ropes to go down into the earth to a depth of 80 meters.

In the cave there is a river with a fairly swift current.

In addition, there is a small emerald lakes and even beaches.

The cave is rich in fossils and ancient stalactites.

There is also "grow" stalagmite record high, reaching 70 meters in height.

As a souvenir you can take a one of a giant cave pearls, which are filled with layers of limestone.

The cave grow lush jungle with 3-foot trees. It also is home to various species of animals: monkeys, hornbills and flying foxes.

Even the climate in the cave is unique: due to a sharp temperature drop is formed clouds.

Photo source: flickr

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